Let Your T Do The Talking

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Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve or should I say, T! Did you see what I did there? Okay, cheesy I know, but seriously slogan statement T's are everywhere right now. From inspirational quotes to tongue in cheek I love them!

Check Mate

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Gingham in any guise is a big trend this year. From maxi dresses to the could shoulder, gingham is everywhere. I'm not normally one to jump on trends, I like what I like and tend to sick with it. So I'm pretty chuffed that checks are my thing! I already own a few gingham bits mainly shirts that always get dusted off in the cooler months.

I'm With The Band

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I had no intention of buying this band T-shirt. When I stepped into Primark it was with the best of intentions. Buy the baby some PJ's and head straight back out - easy! Thing is, good intentions often go awry. I couldn't help myself the rows as far as the eye could see of beautiful women's wear (new stock might I add!) were calling to me-I had to oblige!