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body confidence, post part figure, janine renee, post baby body, body shaming
I've never been the most body confident, I've pretty much always been able to find some fault with my figure. My boos are too small, my waist not small enough, my hips too wide my thighs too thundery my butt too big..... the list goes on. To be completely honest since having Gray I've only got worse. I've longed to have my pre pregnancy body back with all it lumps bumps and stretch marks. Funny how time allows you to see things through rose tinted glasses. My once flabby tummy was flat, my too round booty was neat. At the time I felt none of these things. 

body confidence, post part figure, janine renee, post baby body, body shaming

Recently I was doing my usual and moaning to my husband Lee about my body one I'd reeled off my list of faults he quite simply said "Okay if that's the way you feel then do something about it stop moaning and change it, but just so you know your body is amazing you grew a baby". With that he walked off and left me to ponder, my body amazing? I realised he may be onto something. Now I'm not kidding myself I'm no Scarlet Johansson (his woman crush!) but yeah my body may just be pretty amazing I mean it grew another human being, then delivered it into the world and when all that was over it fed and nurtured my little person. Now that's pretty darn amazing! I've realised that I actually have a really negative mindset when it comes to my body I've been trying to live up to a ridiculous standard. 

I've not been a size 8 since I was around 21 and at the time I thought I was too thin and didn't have any womanly curves. I now have those curves and resent them! Why am I never satisfied? If I'm honest it's because I spend to much time scrolling through instagram and that right hand column on the Daily Mail with pictures of celebs looking uber fit. Now I don't resent the likes of Kim K or Giselle for looking fab pretty quickly post baby. But you know what they most likely have an army of people to help get them there. Where as I have me. I am my own cook, cleaner, nanny, breadwinner the list goes on. I simply do not have the time to dedicate hours a day to working out when I run my own ship and don't have assistants to help me. 
body confidence, post part figure, janine renee, post baby body, body shaming
body confidence, post part figure, janine renee, post baby body, body shaming

On our recent holiday I had all sorts of anxieties over what swimmer to get do I go sod it and wear a bikini or do I cover everything up with a one pice. In the end I compromised and opted for a few high waisted numbers. But I realised I was putting so much pressure on myself to "fit in" and was having a huge downer about my figure. I got the hubby to snap a few pictures of me as I'd become so fed up with my negative attitude that I wanted to feel proud of my body and what it accomplished. No I was not the slimmest woman on the beach but who cares, and you know what I don't want to be either. I'm not in competition with anyone and I'm at the point where I just need to be the best version of myself.

I've come to the conclusion that it took 9 months for my body to grow and gain weight I don't need to snap back right away. What I need is to be kind to myself and be proud of what my body can do and the way it looks. Now being kind does not mean lazy I really do need to get into shape, my fitness levels are shocking. Pretty soon Gray will be a toddler and I'm going to need the energy to keep up with him. I also want to set a good example for him and any other children we may have about living a health lifestyle. So yes I've taken the husbands advice and  I'm doing something about it. I've signed up to a fitness programme and am slowly dipping my toes into working out and making a bigger effort to eat better. I'm not going to lie I'm not enjoying exercising if I could click my fingers and be where I want to be I'd probably take that option, seeing as it's not possible I'm taking baby steps instead. 

I just want to say mama's sod the pressure to fit a mould and live up to someone else standard - you are you beautiful and unique x

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