Mama Moments - Life After Labour

I put lots of thought into getting through pregnancy but very little into life after labour.  Beyond buying breast pads and ginormous sanitary towels I hadn't given things much thought - foolish I know! 
Now don't get me wrong the breast pads and towels were a good start but how was I actually going to manage? As I lay in bed on that first night in hospital sore and weary from being in labour for 3 days (I'll get to the labour and delivery story soon I promise!) the gravitas of the trauma my body had just gone through began to dawn on me. Brining a baby into this world is a miracle but it it takes a toll on your mind and body. I realised I had to plan of course for our baby for us in this new chapter. 
Pelvic Floor 
This may be a little TMI but I'm all about honesty. I was pretty shocked at how weak my pelvic floor had become. I thought I'd be safe by doing lots of pelvic floor excises as you can imagine it was a huge shock when I giggled and felt like I was about to wet myself. My first thought was to rush out and buy tenna lady, my second was to go double time on my pelvic floor exercises. A friend of mine suggested that I do them while breastfeeding. I started by aiming for 100 repetitions on each feed after a month I could feel a difference. I wasn't quite back to my old self but was certainly getting there.  
I knew there was always a chance that I could tear during labour but kind of always hoped for the best. Thankfully I only had a small tear and didn't need any stitches but I was paranoid about getting an infection down stairs and worried about feeling sore when going to the toilet. This made going to the loo a bit of a conundrum, that was until I discovered the joys of a squirty bottle. Every time I used the "ladies" I was sure to take my trusty water bottle with me. The cool water was great at dealing with the initial soreness and made me feel better about hygiene. 
I had to stay in hospital for a few days after Gray was born. I remember calling my mum asking her to come to the hospital to help me out. I felt so overwhelmed like a fish out of water but knowing that I had a support network I could call on was so reassuring. I can be pretty proud about asking for help I like to feel like I've got it all together and can do it myself. I had to let go of that and find a way to not only ask for help abut accept it. 
Our Relationship  
Gray is our world, Lee and I wouldn't be without him. That's said since having him the dynamic in our relationship has certainly shifted. It's no longer all about us we've got his little human to think about. When we're both exhausted, done one to many poopy nappies and feeling ratty is hard to find the romance. Our days of being footloose and fancy free are well and truly behind us, that doesn't mean that we can't make time for each other. It's been a challenge to find other ways to connect. It's all about finding moments. My top tip is utilise nap time! Sometimes it's okay to just leave the housework and take an hour to sit in the garden watching the world go by. Finding a babysitter can be tricky so we've had a few nights in with take way, a good film, some pop corn and washed down with a tipple. It's so easy to get caught up in life and feel like your coexisting for us we've had to keep talking being really open and honest about how we're feeling has really helped to stay connected. 
Me Time
Whether it's getting my hair done, reading a book or just catching up on some well needed sleep. Taking a few moments for myself has been vital. It's so easy to slip right down to the bottom of the list, once you have a baby there is always something more pressing. Getting a little me time re energise me and helps me to be a better mama, as I'm less laikely to feel worn out and overwhelmed. It may seem like a fanciful idea especially when you have limited child care. Sometimes you just have to ignore the dishes while baby sleeps and give yourself half an hour whether it be browsing social media or doing your nails what ever your thing is is try and make time for it. 
I'm still finding my feet with this mama stuff so would love to know your tips for surviving life after labour?

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