Mama Moments - Grayson

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that we welcomed our little man into the world on 10 April. I still can't believe he's actually here, after nine months of waiting and anticipation nothing quite prepares you for the reality of holding your baby in your arms. 

He's so precious and tiny, and I just want to snuggle with him all day (but hey the laundry won't do it self). We've had a few weeks together and we're slowly finding our feet. It's fascinating getting to know his little personality, his likes and dislikes; for instance he's not too keen on a dirty bum but hates his nappy being changed even more and is a noisy sleeper lots of grunting and squeaking! 

I'm not sure quite how much I'll share yet, at the moment I've got this mama bear urge to protect my little man, but that may fade and I could very well become that over sharing mother! What ever I decide one things for sure life will never be the same again.

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