New Beginnings Welcome To Janine Renee

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Life is all about new beginnings. When I started blogging several years ago it was creative outlet.
I wanted something new and fresh to create, a hobby to fill my time. Writing my first post was nerve wracking, so many thoughts ran through my mind. Would any one read it, will people like it, exactly what is this blogging thing - I really don't understand it! Biggest of all I don't want people to know the real me. Back then I had a very clear vision for the blog I wanted my little space on the internet to be mainly about DIY's not too much about me. The original name of my blog What Renee Made came about from me not wanting to publish my first name on the internet. For some strange reason it comforted me to have a sense anonymity around my name. Looking back I think it was a confidence issue. I've always published my photo, so not publishing my name didn't really make sense.  
blog journey, blogging, lifestyle, janine renee
Now several years down the line I no longer feel the same level of nerves when I hit the publish button, instead I relish the feeling of satisfaction. I'm no longer worried about people knowing the real me. With a sense of satisfaction has come a desire to take my blog in a different direction. I guess it's been a natural progression but my confidence and interests have grown, and the content I publish on the blog has to. With that in mind I decided it was time to give my blog a new name. I tried brain storming lots of snappy names but all sounded.... well fake! I figured it was time to take it back to basics. The whole reason I was re-naming the blog was to make it more open so I could inject more personality. With that in mind Janine Renee was born. My blog was known as What Renee Made so Janine Renee keeps the familiarity, while allowing me to not be limited to DIY content. I'm still going to be creative and share DIY's but I'd like to include more lifestyle based content. 
blog journey, blogging, lifestyle, janine renee
You'll notice that the my URL has changed to match the new name. So you'll find me at Bare with me while I update all my social media platforms there may be a few that I forget at first but I'm getting there. A huge thank you to the fabulous Jen from Magic Feather Designs for creating a kick ass logo, I couldn't be happier with it. If you're looking to give your blog a re-fresh or would like a completely new look get in touch with Jen she's super patient and great at bringing your vision to life. Her prices are also really affordable too.
As cheesy as this may sound it's not the end but the beginning, I'm hoping that you will continue along on the journey with me. 

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