An Ode To Jo Malone

Ever since my best friend introduced me to Jo Malone it's fair to say I've been obsessed
with the brand.
From the iconic packaging to heady candles, I'm a fully fledged Jo Malone fan. My love for the label led me to delve a little deeper into the woman behind the brand.

Jo Malone got her first insight into the cosmetic industry from a colourful lady her mum worked with Countess Le Bartey. Jo would spend much of her childhood watching her mother and the countess work, mixing aroma therapy oils and beauty treatments. Being dysleix struggled with reading Jo took a real interest in the process behind creating cosmetic and found she had memorised the products and steps the Countess used to create her potions and lotions. 

These early days sparked a passion in Jo for the beauty industry, years later she found herself in a small flat in Chelsea where the elite of London would come to receive beauty treatments with the oils Jo had cooked up in her kitchen using 3 jugs (which rumour has it she still has today). Jo hit the the big time when a client was having a dinner party and asked Jo make make up a batch of oils to be given away as little momentous to her guests. Jo found her customer base growing with people coming in from far and between to pickup her products. It was then that she decided she needed to branch out and launch her first stand alone shop. As they say the rest is history.

Jo counts her husband Michael as being the back bone of the brand. While she would spend huge amounts of time on the creative process he was the driving force often brokering deals. So strong is their bond (and her nose - you'll see where I'm going with this one I promise) that it's said Jo was able to smell Michael in a hotel lobby before even seeing him. The story goes she was in the lobby area and turned to a friend and said "Michael is here" she was pretty swiftly told that wasn't possible but Jo was convinced she could smell him as he wore the fragrance she made for him Amber and Lavender. When she arrived in her hotel room Michael was waiting for her, little did he know she wasn't that surprised to see him. 

Recently I've amassed quite a collection of Jo Malone fragrances (and I'm not planning on stopping any time soon) and as you expect I've got my favourites; at the moment with spring in the air it's Peony Blush and Suede. It's described as being floral and seductive I'd have to second that you get the sweet floral notes but the suede adds a warmth and sensuality. 

If you haven't already then you need to pop down to your nearest Jo Malone store for a good old mosey (pun very much intended). The attendants that work there are fabulous and will normally take the time to find your fragrance preferences and direct you to a few options. Word  of warning Jo Malone is highly addictive you won't be able to stop at just one purchase!

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