Last Rays Of Summer

last rays of summer, miss selfridge, matalan, berkinstock, asos, janine renee

Last weekend felt like the last rays of summer were saying goodbye. 

New Beginnings Welcome To Janine Renee

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Life is all about new beginnings. When I started blogging several years ago it was creative outlet.

Favourite Nude Lips From The High Street

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If I'm not rocking a red it's a variation of a nude tone. I guess there are two reasons for this

DIY Coffee Scrub & Summer Ready Legs Routine

beauty DIY, coffee scrub, summer ready legs routine, what renee made, women of colour, dark skin women, DIY coffee scrub, handmade, homemade,
After months of being buried under tights, jeans and leggings it takes a little effort to whip your legs into shape for the warmer weather.

My First Ever Space NK Haul

space nk, shopping, haul, NARS, sheer glow, radiant creamy concealer, women of colour, dark skin women, makeup, beauty, skincare
Suprising I know - but until last week I'd never shopped online at Space NK 

Top Four Red Lips From The High Street

makeup, Beauty, l'oreal, revlon, maybelline, bourjois, red lipstick, what renee made, women of colour

A classic red is my go to lip colour when I want to add a little glamour. The high street is giving the high end a run for their money in the quality stakes and I though I'd share my top pics with you.

The Fit Bit - Baby Steps

bootea, fitness, health, my fitness pal, the fit bit, what renee made
After a slow start to the year March has been a good month fitness wise. 

An Ode To Jo Malone

Ever since my best friend introduced me to Jo Malone it's fair to say I've been obsessed
with the brand.

Protein Pancakes

DIY, cooking, protein pancakes, what renee made, healthy eating
I love pancakes and see no reason why they should only be eaten on pancake day. 

Casual Weekend

fashion, style, winter style, what renee made, women of colour

Weekends for me are all about casual style. 

The Fit Bit: Getting Started

the fit bit, fitness, health, lifestyle, the fit bit, fitness, health, lifestyle, what renee made, women of colour

One of my goals this year is to improve my fitness, I decided this journey needed it's own little section on the blog so the "Fit Bit" was born.

January Favourites

monthly favourites, what renee made

It's unbelievable how fast this month has flown by. It's hard to believe that we're at the end of January already.

Making A Spectacle

glasses, london retro, glasses direct, what renee made, Making A Spectacle

You'll have to forgive me on the title of this post I just couldn't help myself!

The Round Up

The Round Up, lifestyle, instalife, instagram, what renee made

I've been thinking a lot recently about my blog, the type of content I produce and the direction I want blog to go in.

Handling Matte Lips Before, During And After

I'm a huge fan of the matte lip look. After a few years of wearing matte lipsticks I feel like I've finally got the knack of making my matte lips work before, during and after application.

Winter Florals

fashion, style, winter style, asos, misguided, winter florals, what renee made, bgki
I used to have this idea that florals were for spring summer only, but I'm all about dispelling those myths and being more adventurous.

DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

diy, beauty DIY, Beauty, lip scrub, what renee made, sugar scrub, coconut oil
I've been wanting to try beauty DIY's for a while now, this DIY sugar lip scrub is me dipping my toes in.

Get Ready With Me - Winter Weekend Edition

get ready with me, youtube, Beauty, lifestyle, style, fashion, Get Ready With Me - Winter Weekend Edition, what renee made
Get ready with me video's have been a long time coming on my channel.

The Two Product Smokey Eye

Beauty, maxfactor, elf, The Two Product Smokey Eye, women of colour, makeup, what renee made
I'm going to hold my hands up and admit it, I'm pretty rubbish when it comes doing a smokey eye, so I need to keep things simple. It doesn't come more simple than a two product look!


fashion, style, winter style, layering, what renee made, women of colour
My key to staying warm is layering. When in need I'm all about pilling on as many items as possible anything to stay warm. 

Green Smoothie Recipe

health, fitness, Food, lifestyle, what renee made, Green smoothie recipe, what renee made
If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know I've become really into my green smoothies.

DIY Fluffy Feather Heels

fashion DIY, high heels, heels, what renee made, women of colour, customised, DIY Fluffy Feather Heels
My first DIY of the year! I'm super excited to share with you my take on the fluffy feather heels.

New Year New Hair

afro hair, natural hair, transitioning hair, weave, New Year New Hair, what renee made, relaxed hair, bangs, fringe, full sew in, no leave out

I'm kick starting the new year with new hair.


It's pretty fitting that my first outfit post of the year should be about this camel coat. I've been obsessed with camel coats and jackets for ages.

New Year New Goals

2015, life, lifestyle, New Year New Goals, new year resolutions, what renee made

Happy New Year! A new calls for new goals.