The Perfect Pink

Sephora, lip gloss, deep rose, makeup, Beauty, women of colour, bgki
Sephora Lip Gloss In Deep Rose has become my go to neutral shade. I've been on a mission for a while now to find "that perfect pink".
One with the right amount of peachy - red with a subtle swirl of brown to compliment my complexion. I always thought I'd find it in a lipstick, it never crossed my mind that I would find the one in the form of a lip gloss. In most instances I would take a lipstick of over a gloss, some glosses can be a little sparkly for me (my teenage self would have loved a bit of glitter and sparkle), the thought of glitter fragments on my lips is now a little off putting.
While is was in Rome over the summer I had a pretty magical half  hour wondering around Sephora. It was on this trip that I came across the "the one". The rose tones are deep enough to give darker skin tones that your lips but better effect. If I want to go a little more muted then I dab it on and blend in. For the occasions when I want full on gloss I can go ahead and build slather it on.
Sephora, lip gloss, deep rose, makeup, Beauty, women of colour, bgki
The Sephora Lip Gloss in Deep Rose is super versatile. If you're working a dramatic Smokey eye but would like to play down the lips this is a great middle ground. Neutral enough to be subtle but with the right amount to of gloss to not get lost.
I'm a huge fan, I may have even gone over half way through my tube! As we speak I'm on the Sephora site trying to replenish my supply.

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