Mucic Monday ~ Disclosure Sam Smith Latch Acoustic

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Latch by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith was (still is - in my opinion) a huge floor filler. As much as I love the original I've recently found the Acoustic remix. Sam Smith is undoubtedly a breakout artist, his vocals are slick and soulful, I could listen to them all day.

I think it's really easy to get lost in the beat and the track and not take in the lyrics of an up tempo number. The good thing about this acoustic version of Latch it that you get the sentiment of the song, it's actually romantic and sweet, I genuinely feel moved by this version, it gave me a new found love for a song that I'd always taken to be a club banger.

Well you've heard my thoughts what are yours, have you heard the acoustic version of Latch before? And how impressive are Sam Smith's vocals?

Image source London Town

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