What's In my Handbag

whats in my handbag, hm bag, what renee made
whats in my handbag, hm bag, what renee made

There's a theory that you're either a shoe or bag gal. If I were to apply that theory I'd be a bag girl. I'm forever finding reasons to buy new handbags. I recently picked up this (not so little) number from HM once I got my paws on it I knew instantly that I needed to film a what's in my bag video for you. 

I'm a nosy parker and love poking around other peoples lives, I figured if I like doing it you probably would to. I filmed this video pretty much off the cuff, i.e. i didn't edit the contents before filming, sorry if this video is a little rambly in parts, but it was fun to just go with the flow. 

I'm having a pretty chilled bank holiday (and loving it) what are you guys up to? 

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