Music Monday ~ Lil y Allen Seezus

I'm just going to ask you straight up what do you think of Lily Allen's new track Sheezus?

I've been listening to Sheezus all week, I stumbled across it by accident on youtube while doing my usual of watching vlogs. My first reaction was to roll my eyes, but the snare on the drum beat asked me to listen a little more so I did. I then sprayed my diet coke over my desk when Lilly mentioned her aunt Flo. By the end of the track I was hooked mainly because I love Lily's tongue in cheek mocking of the big players in the music biz. I'm not a huge Kanye fan (lets not mention bound 2!) so hearing Lily Allen take a few witty swipes did make me chuckle.

I figure Sheezus is like Marmite you either love it or hate it, What I want to know is where do you sit on the fence?

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