Music Monday ~ Amos Lee Arms Of A Woman

music monday, amos lee, arms of a woman

Amazingly I've only just heard of Amos Lee, quite clearly I've been living under a rock as Amos Lee is  incredible and has gone under my radar. Thankfully that all changed last week, I was chatting away to a friend at work about her weekend plans and she told me she was going to see him in concert over the weekend. My Interest pricked I had to dig a little deeper and enquire about this Amos chap. After a whistle stop tour through Spotify I was hooked.

Arms of a Woman has been on repeat for me this week, I'm not one for blues or folk music but this song just has me. It's so mellow even if I've had a hard day listening to Arms Of A Woman just chills me out. Amos seems to have a knack for story telling in his lyrics. When I listen to his music I believe he's truly experienced what he's saying (not just singing what he thinks we want to hear) I goes you could call it earnest.

Enough of my jabbering what you really want is to hear it for your self. What do you think?

Image from Fan Art TV


  1. I don't really listen to this genre of music but thanks for recommending him to me, he sounds amazing.
    I can't believe we're not following each other already. I'm now following you on GFC, please check out my blog and follow me too xx


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