Music Monday ~ Charlie Wilson I Know You're Tired Of Loving

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If you're thinking this sounds familiar then you're right. It's the sample Kanye West used on the now infamous Bound 2 (what's up with the fake backdrop in the video?). Personally I'm not a fan of Kanye's track however the original track "I Know You're Tired Of Loving" by Charlie Wilson is a completely different story (no dodgy bouncing on a motor bike here). I was actually introduced to the original by a friend at work who had it on repeat for a week, I've now done the same! There's just something about the old crooner that is Charlie Wilson that gets me.

Ok so you know my thoughts, but what about yours. I'd like to know which version you prefer Kanye West's or Charlie Wilson's?


  1. I absolutely love his part in the song, I haven't stop listening to it all week!x


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