Music Monday ~ Monica The First Night

monica, first night,
One of my favourite things about music is the way that it can bring back memories or be associated with a specific experience, and make you smile. Well this particular song does it for me, it reminds me of being a teenager when I was bold and brassy. At the time I loved how sassy and in your face the song was, and my Love for Monica's The First Night hasn't dampened over the years. I was going through my iTunes last week making a playlist of old school tunes when I came across this cracker. My first reaction was to whack it on loud, grab a hair brush and do my best diva impression. Admittedly I'm a dreadful singer but I still had fun in the moment.

I know today's post is a quick one but I wanted to share what I'm currently loving. How about you, what old school songs do it for you?

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