January Sale Survival Guide

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The Christmas season is pretty much over. We've all over indulged in food, the odd alcoholic tipple and to much general festivities, and for some the post Christmas blues have set in.

 Not to fear the January sales are upon us picture hours of queueing in the cold, frenzied shoppers, followed by standing in the world longest queue for the till. Just what you need to top off the festive season. I hear you groan at the very thought of venturing out into the chaos of bargain hunters. We've all seen them (or maybe we are them), they have that focused don't mess with me look in their eye. They come armed with their plastic and maybe even a friend or two to save their space in the queue. Picture this you spot a great pair of jeans (or insert what ever item you desire here), they look like their in your size you reach for them, but another hand touches them at the same time as yours. You look up and are met with an unwavering, steely pair of eyes and a hard set scowl, that says these are mine - all mine! You narrow your eyes in indignation grit your teeth and try to pull the jeans towards you. However you are met with a cast iron grip. It's a stand off, quite literally handbags at dawn. Ok so I know I may be exaggerating here (it was fun to indulge for a moment) but January sale shopping really doesn't need to be so dramatic. All you need are a few savvy tips to get you through and help you come out with a few bargains.

Have a plan

Come up with a list of a few key items and set yourself a budget after the Christmas over spend you may need to be careful here. Think about the shops you really want to visit and make sure you know where they are in the  shopping centre.

Enlist a friend

Or two to shop with you, you can divvy up the shopping lists and conquer the queues together. If you're stuck in a long line it's better if you have someone to keep your company. Having a BFF with you may also be handy in the emergency save my space moments.

Dress for the occasion

There's nothing worse than being stuck in an uncomfortable outfit for a long day. You want to be wearing your most comfortable shoes, the sort that can protect your feet form all the standing your going to be doing. My personal tip are a pair of flats, easy to wear trousers and layers (but not too many as it will make the changing rooms a very long process). It gets hot in the shops and can be tricky to regulate your body temperature. Its freezing outside but the mixture of heating and a mass of bodies indoors makes for overheating. Being able to pop a cardi or jumper off quickly to cool down is a God send. Finally I like to wear an across the body bag, it means my hands are free and always have quick easy access to my essentials.

Fuel up 

Your going to need to keep your energy levels up so a handy snack will see you through. After the festivities I can't usually bare any rich food so tend to go for more simple whole foods. Nuts, raisins, granola and dried fruit are great as a slow energy releasing healthy snack.

Have fun

It's a lot easier to do something if your enjoying it. So why not treat it as a fun day out, grab some lunch, catch up with friends over a coffee or go against the grain and just stroll around the shops, there doesn't need to be the pressure of rushing around buying everything in sight.

On line

Finally if you really can't bare the shops the Internet is always there. Word of caution keep close eye on how much your sending while on line it's very easy for things ting to get out of control. Also make sure you are shopping on trusted sites, when making transactions look for the padlock symbol in the browser bar to be sure that your transactions are done securely. Why not make a little extra dosh and use cash back sites you can find a list of them here.

What are your top shopping and sale survival tips, let me know in the comment section.

Happy shopping loves!


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