DIY Jewelled Cropped Jumper

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I mentioned in this post that I was loving cropped and jewelled jumpers. I decided to take the plunge and make one. I'm at the very early stages of learning to knit so I didn't go ahead and make one from scratch. I did however customise an old jumper that a had gathering dust in the back of my wardrobe.

I've gone with instructions on this one, I did record a video but the file was corrupted and wouldn't upload. Not one to waste a very good DIY I'm powering ahead any way.

Your going to need:
- An old jumper
- Fabric chalk or a marker that washes off
- Fabric scissors
- Sequins or sew on beads/jewels
- Needle & thread in a matching colour
- Sewing machine
- Tape measure
- Dress makers pins

  • Start by laying your jumper flat (on the wrong side) and marking where you want it to be cropped. You will need to add around 1cm allowance for the hem.
  • Using your chalk or marker draw onto the jumper the shape of the new cropped hem. I wanted it to be curved, longer in the front and shorter in the back so I drew this onto the jumper making sure I added that 1cm for the hem.
  • Once your are happy with the outline you have drawn you will need to cut it out
  • Fold the new hem over then use the pins to secure it in place
  • Pop your jumper onto the sewing machine and secure the hem in place. I opted to use a ziz zag stitch to catch any raw edges.
  • Now its time for the fun part (well for me anyway) grab your sequins or beads/gems and needle and thread. Go ahead and attach the sequins around the neckline (or where ever you would like them). I opted to sew them on in a random method adding a few purple beads here and there for a touch of colour. I did however want there to be more fullness of gems towards the centre of the neckline so added more beads there. 
  • Once your done trim away any loose threads, it's also worth running an iron along the hem to straighten out any wrinkles.
That's it your done you now have a cropped jewelled jumper! There's a strong possibility that I could be wearing this as my Christmas day jumper I'm thinking the jewels add a little festive flavour.

What do you think, will you be giving this one a go?

1 comment:

  1. It's fab! I never thought of cropping a jumper I already have.


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