Music Monday ~ Lilly Allen Hard Out Here

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Things have been pretty quiet on the Lilly Allen front of late, that's not to say our girl hasn't been busy. She got married, moved to the country and had two babies - oh and record a new album. Lilly's first single in 4 years It's Hard Out Here, is a straight up girl power feast. Taking reference from Three 6 Mafia "Its Hard Out Here For a Pimp" Lilly is making a real statement. The video rips the likes of Rhianna, Robin Thicke and Lil Wayne to shreds for their over sexualised videos, objectifying women and generally misogynistic portrayal of women (wow that was a mouth full). While taking the music industry to task, the video is very in your face and I have to admit did make me blush.

The most entertaining line of It's Hard Out here is "forget your balls and grow a pair of tits" pretty much sums the song up. Lilly has never been backwards in coming forwards and this is no exception.

In case you've not checked out the video, here it is. Be warned there is some serious twerking action going on enough for me not to watch it with my mum!

Anyone else welcoming Lilly's return, and what do you think of It's Hard Out Here - yay or nay?



  1. Lilly Allen is my gurrrl! and this tune is everything! x

  2. I really like this track as well:D


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