Music Monday ~ Haim The Wire

Haim wouldn't be my usual cup of tea but when I heard The Wire I couldn't help but pop it on repeat. What I like most about these three are that they can all play an instrument(s) between them they can play the guitar, base, percussion, keyboard and lets not forget their kick ass vocals, these girls seriously talented.

Haim - Este, Alana and Danielle spent the best part of 2012 touring with Mumford and Sons, their currently touring with Florence and The Machine, so these girls are rolling with the big wigs now. Their sound is a mix of folk, rock, pop and rnb essentially if all these elements came together Haim's distinctive sound would be the love child.

Lead singer Este has a reputation for taking on hecklers - so unless you want to be shamed in front of a huge crowd be nice!

As cool as the video is I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor chaps getting their hearts crushed! I'm loving Haim and The Wire (not sure why it's taken me so long to discover them) but what about you, are you into Haim, are you feeling The Wire and tell me what other Haim tracks should I listen to?

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