MUA Mosaic Bronzer

MUA, Sunkissed glow, mosaic bronzer, shade 2
MUA Mosaic Bronzer Sun-kissed Glow Shade 2
MUA, Sunkissed glow, mosaic bronzer, shade 2
MUA, Sunkissed glow, mosaic bronzer, shade 2

I was on the hunt or a fabulous bronzer for darker skin tones when I picked up this MUA Mosaic bronzer hoping it would do the trick. I swatted it in store and was sure I'd found the one. However when I got home and tried it there wasn't much in the traditional way of bronzing. That said there was a whole lot of highlighting and blushing going on! As you can see from the swatch on my hand there is a lovely shimmer. I've been dusting a little of this along my nose and above my brow for a highlighting effect. Then swirling a little on the apple's of my cheeks for a slightly rosy cheeked look.

I may not have found the perfect bronzer but I do have a great addition to my makeup bag. I'm loving the versatility of this little product. It's perfect for getting ready in a hurry, I think I'll be using it lots during the festive season when I have to dash straight from the office to a Christmas do.

Even though I stumbled on a great blusher/highlighter my hunt for a fab bronzer continues. Do you have any recommendations of bronzers for deeper skin tones? If you let me know in the comment section.

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  1. It's harder to find good affordable bronzers. I usually opt for a darker foundation.

    - Dominique Jazell


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