Music Monday ~ Foxes Youth

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Is it me or does Foxes (AKA Louisa Rose Allen) have an uncanny resemblance to Zoe Deschanel? Hailing from Southampton now a Londoner, Foxes has had huge success across the pond featuring on DJ Zedd's Clarity which topped the charts in America. Despite of her huge success and notoriety in the States she remained relatively unknown on home turf. However I have a feeling that's all about to change with her single Youth gaining a huge amount of traction and air play. It's hard to miss her these days as the trailer for the Youth video is currently all over YouTube.

I'm pretty much sold on Youth and have been playing it at every opportunity while doing my best "I don't care" dance moves.

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Its meee!
    (i met you yesterday at the nbn workshop :) thought i'd come check out your blog!)

    love this post - ive never seen her before either!
    would love to be a part of music mondays so just drop me a line :)

    good luck with everything!

    Mollie :)


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