Music Monday ~ All Of Me

John Legend has recently released his new and highly awaited album Love In The Future. I have to admit I'm still getting a feel of the album so cant really comment to much at the moment. That said I love, love, love this song. All of me is quite simply a beautiful love song, brought to you with Johns raspy yet smooth soulful tones. The opening line "what would I do without your smart mouth" intrigued me and brought a smile to my lips, I wanted to hear more.

The first time I heard the song was the album version while I thought the lyrics were stunning I just wasn't taken with the song for some reason. I then came across this live version he did on Letterman and I was hooked. It's just my opinion, but I felt that the album version lacks a certain depth and emotion that he bring to this live rendition. If you're after the video you can check it out here it's worth a look and stars his wife Chrissy Teigan, be warned there are lots of smoochy half naked moments!

What do you think, you loving this as much as me?

1 comment:

  1. Love this song. I adore john legend but hadn't heard this version, thanks for sharing


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