Take A Moment

Every once in a while I get this urge to sit at my laptop with a cuppa & just write, kind of like verbal diarrhoea but in the written sense, if you know what I mean. Today is one of those days. I've been feeling a little philosophical recently and have been thinking about what matters most to me in life. I for one, spend so much time rushing around that I barley get a minute to just appreciate life.

In between family, work, college, school, university, writing a blog or what ever it is that you're doing it's easy to get caught up in achieving goals or getting things done, that the small every day moments are lost on us. Sometimes I worry that before I know it I would have lived a life of hitting goals and getting things done, but not taken much time out to actually appreciate life. It's actually something that's been playing on my mind quite a bit recently. I'm a goal orientated person I like to make lists and make plans and stick to it (God forbid my plans don't work out as I hoped)  which is all good but it does mean I can get tunnel vision and lose focus of the world around me. I figured I needed to slow down a little and take time to enjoy things.

I thought I'd share a few tips I've personally been applying to life recently:

  1. Say NO! No is a powerful word I used to be very good at saying what people wanted to hear or going along with what people wanted, even if my instincts were dead against it. Now days if I don't want to do something or feel like I'm taking too much on I politely decline. It's hard to get over feeling like you to need to please people or that you're letting them down. I try to stay focused on the fact that I have one life to live and I have to do the things that I feel will benefit me. In most cases the people around me care for me and understand. 
  2. Say YES to things! Ok I know you may think I'm going mad as I just said say no to stuff, but bare with me here. When I said say no, I was talking about things that my heart isn't really into. However I've made the decision to be more open to new ideas and opportunities. I would often exclude myself or rule things out for various reasons, but mainly because I was afraid to put myself out there. Since starting the blog and stepping out of my comfort zone I've felt really exhilarated. It's changed the way I approach things and lead me to be more positive and less fearful of new opportunities.
  3. Be thankful, I've recently started to take a moment everyday to list the things in my life I am thankful for. Quite literally counting my blessings has been a humbling experience, I have a lot to be grateful for and I'm determined to appreciate them all.  
  4. Make time! easier said than done - trust me I know, but it's important to make time for the things that really matter. For me that's friends and family, I'm not the best at keeping in touch so I've been making a real effort to stay connected to the people I care about the most.
I know today's post was a little different to the normal DIY's, beauty and fashion, don't worry they'll be back very soon, I just wanted to take a moment & share what's been on my mind lately. I guess that's what blogging is all about.

So what about you, are you like me and learning to really take time to appreciate the wonderful things in life?      

Music Monday ~ Foxes Youth

foxes, foxes singer, foxes youth
Is it me or does Foxes (AKA Louisa Rose Allen) have an uncanny resemblance to Zoe Deschanel? Hailing from Southampton now a Londoner, Foxes has had huge success across the pond featuring on DJ Zedd's Clarity which topped the charts in America. Despite of her huge success and notoriety in the States she remained relatively unknown on home turf. However I have a feeling that's all about to change with her single Youth gaining a huge amount of traction and air play. It's hard to miss her these days as the trailer for the Youth video is currently all over YouTube.

I'm pretty much sold on Youth and have been playing it at every opportunity while doing my best "I don't care" dance moves.

DIY Inspo Sheer Panels

sheer panel skirt. sheer hem skirt
I know it's chilly and we're supposed to be huddled up in layers but the rebel in me just loves sheer panel skirts. Their the right side of sexy showing just enough skin while keeping things covered. The only thing is, I cant decide if I should go for a mini or midi length, what do you think?

Double Denim

double denim fashion, jewelled hat,
double denim fashion, jewelled hat,
double denim fashion, jewelled hat,
I blame my recent double denim obsession on Kim K. Ever since I spotted Mrs Kardashian rocking this look I've been trying new ways to rock the double denim look. I wore this outfit last weekend while I was running errands. I was having a bad hair day and couldn't face the world seeing my awful barnet. When your not feeling your best comfort and a bit of glam is always needed, I guess that's where the hat comes in it's a recent DIY have you seen the tutorial?

Autumn Wish List

autumn fashion, winter fashion, autumn winter fashion, style

1 floppy hat eBay | 2 coat Warehouse | dress Boohoo | jumper boohoo | lip stick Tom Ford | bag Zara | boots eBay | necklace Topshop 

I have to say I do love a good wish list it's a bit like shopping without the guilt of over spending. I think it's fair to say it's officially Autumn now, long gone are the flip-flops and bare legs are now a distant memory (until next summer that is). Saying goodbye to warmer weather does have one perk (aside from Christmas and bonfire night ok so that's more like 3, but who's counting) wrapping up in a fresh stylish new wardrobe.

I have a sneaky suspicion that everything apart from the coat and bag will be in my wardrobe by the end of the month! Special mention to the top ford lippy how gorgeous is this colour, it's called bruised plum - pure perfection. However at £35 (for a lippy yikes!) it's a little steep for my pockets, may have to find a dupe.

What do you think of my current top picks?

DIY Jewelled Hat

diy beanie hat, jewelled beanie, jewelled beanie hat
I mentioned a few days ago in this post that was really inspired by the House Of Holland jewelled beanie hats. I've gone and taken that inspiration and put my own twist on a jewelled beanie. This is a really straight forward DIY that I reckon you could do in your sleep, ok I know thats an exaggeration but even the most DIY phobic's out there could do this one.

Hope you enjoy let me know if give it a go and make your own jewelled beanie.

Music Monday ~Lorde Royal

lorde royal, lorde, royal
There has been a bit of controversy in the media recently surrounding Lorde but that hasn't put me off I'm really feeling this 16 year old hailing from New Zealand. Lorde has been making waves across the pond with Royal topping the charts.

Royal is a seriously catch pop tune, it has the right amount of infectiousness and pop sprinkle to make it a hit.  The video set is the heart of suburbia is a little odd but it's certainly worth a look.

So what do you think, you feeling Lorde as much as I am?

DIY Inspiration House Of Holland Jewelled Hat

house of holland, jeweeled beanie, jewelled hat
house of holland, jeweeled beanie, jewelled hat

While I was browsing the net (as you do) for fashion week images I can across the last seasons House Of Holland collection the clothing was as always stunning but the thing that caught my eye was the jewelled hats, beanies to be precise. I love the idea of adding a little sparkle to an Autumn Winter staple. Quick nod to the high street as I've seem similar gems popping up recently, however I'm thinking why buy when you can DIY? (gosh that sounded way more cheesy out loud than when I said it in my head) Ok guys you know the drill by now keep your eyes peeled to the blog a DIY is on the way.

DIY Makeup Bag

My makeup collection has been growing over the past few months and my handy little makeup bag is no longer handy, in fact it's to small for my regular makeup bits. I think I'm going to have to use it as a handbag makeup bag instead.  With that in mind it was time I upgraded and I though why not try my hand at making on. It's a pretty easy DIY to try yourself, it's also versatile as the basic steps could be used to make a clutch bag, just go for heavier fabric. 

Music Monday ~ All Of Me

John Legend has recently released his new and highly awaited album Love In The Future. I have to admit I'm still getting a feel of the album so cant really comment to much at the moment. That said I love, love, love this song. All of me is quite simply a beautiful love song, brought to you with Johns raspy yet smooth soulful tones. The opening line "what would I do without your smart mouth" intrigued me and brought a smile to my lips, I wanted to hear more.

The first time I heard the song was the album version while I thought the lyrics were stunning I just wasn't taken with the song for some reason. I then came across this live version he did on Letterman and I was hooked. It's just my opinion, but I felt that the album version lacks a certain depth and emotion that he bring to this live rendition. If you're after the video you can check it out here it's worth a look and stars his wife Chrissy Teigan, be warned there are lots of smoochy half naked moments!

What do you think, you loving this as much as me?

A Month In Posts

Wow time really does fly when your having fun! I know it's a cliche but who cares when it's true? I feel  like this moth I've really got my blogging mojo back. I've been feeling so inspired and motivated to write posts and come up with DIY's. With that in mind I thought it would be nice to do a little round up of my best bits from this month.

September Instalife

Possibly the best dumplings ever! | 5min mani | A bit of bling | Adding to my photography kit | Sorting my shoes, black & brown are now banned! | What can I say? #selfie it wouldn't be instagram without one right?
Swatching up a storm | Breakfast & blogging | This works, it really does | which one to wear? | Charlie | It's been a while but I'm getting back into the kitchen
Oh gosh another selfie, I'm shameless about it too | DIY on the way | Editing

September Favourites

The end of the month can only mean one thing, ok two things pay day and September favourites. Its been an absolute age since my last favourite post, I guess life kind of got in the way. Anyhoo I'm back with a favourites post, which in my usual style is ram packed with random goodies.

Hit me up in the comment section with your favourites, maybe there's something I could try?

DIY Rope Necklace

diamante rope necklace
diamante rope necklace

I recently had the privilege of guest posting over on miss budget beauty where I showcased how to created this rope and diamante necklace. It's my first time guest posting and I had a blast coming up with the idea for this post and then putting it all together. If you'd like all the details on how I made this head over to Khila blog.

One last thing before I go, a huge thank you to Khila for allowing me to guest post, it was a real honour.