Music Monday ~ Drake Hold On We're Going Home

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Another week, another music Monday post. As I write this post I'm tucked up in bed with an annoying cold, and a hot Ribena for comfort. I was wondering what to write for music Monday this week when it hit me; I should feature Drake Hold On We're Going Home, I mean it's playing in the background as I type.

This track has been another slow burner, I heard it at work last week and wasn't sure, but figured it was worth another go. I know it's not exactly not an original song, there's a definite nod to "take care" but I guess that old chestnut, "if it aint broke then don't fix it" springs to mind. Do I love this track no, do I like it, is it catchy yes!

There doesn't seem to be a video for it yet, but feel free to have a listen.


1 comment:

  1. it s great track. have your heard the artic monkey cover? its awesome too


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