Music Monday ~ Common Come Close

common, come close

Hearing come close takes be back around 10 years, to when I was at sixth form and would watch MTV all day everyday. I used to swoon at the video wishing someone would declare their undying love for me using gigantic flash cards - so romantic.

Fast forward and I'm still listening to this track, usually at work when I'm feeling overwhelmed and I need to remind myself there's more to life than deadlines and endless pieces of paper.

In all honesty I haven't got a huge amount to say about this except that's its probably my favourite hip hop tune and Common has the most lush rap voice (yep I said lush), very smooth! Ok so enough of me let the man himself do the talking.

Day to Night Embellished

embellished neckline, embellished top, sequin top
Outfit one Boohoo Jacket similar here | HM top customised | Zara jeans | Primark bag |  
Outfit two Zara skirt | Zara flats | Vintage bag

I'm all about being economical so items that work multiple ways are right up my street. When I spotted this top in HM over the summer I knew it was a gooden combine it with a little up-cycling and it's now fabulous. I have some work drinks on Monday and I'm thinking of wearing the first outfit. The second look I actually wore to an event a few weeks ago and I know it's a little matchy, matchy but loved how the sequins on the skirt complimented the top perfectly.  

In case you missed it I filmed a tutorial on how I customised this top you can watch it here.   

DIY Beaded Tank Top

I'm a bit of a magpie if it glitters and sparkles I love it. So as you can imagine when I came across this beaded neck motif I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I love the way this neckline motif is able to take a simple top and transform into something a little extra special.

Fancy giving this a go yourself? Check out this easy to follow video for instructions.

Music Monday ~ Ben Pearce What I Might Do

I know exactly what you're thinking, "I've heard that before?" Well you're right you have heard it before Ben Pearce's What I Might Do is currently featuring on the Florence and Fred for Tesco advert. You only hear a brief snippet of the track which is accompanied by suitably stylish dancers. A snippet was all I needed, it had me wanting more. A little online snooping and an iTunes purchase later this is now my go to groove. When I have those pick me up moment at my desk this goes on and I get my bop on!

Pearce is well known on the DJ scene in 2012 he shifted gear into production What I Might Do his debut EP gained much critical acclaim.

Not sure if this is my usual choice strange video aside I like it, what do you think?

LFW - The Beauty Edit

london fashion week, law, beauty, makeup

Today I'm bringing you the final instalment of my London Fashion Week series, with the beauty edit. I love spring summer makeup but at times it can be a little difficult to manage with the heat and humidity that said I'm so excited to give some of the key beauty looks a try.

london fashion week, law, beauty, makeup

Flawless skin, was a huge feature this season whether it be in the form of matte velvet skin or a radiant glow. I'm guessing it's about time I get that skin care routine on lock down for amazing skin - concealer will do only do so much right?

london fashion week, law, beauty, makeup
Bold lips are a staple all year round but I love the deep pink and bright orange shades, I'm thinking the orange plum could work for an autumn.

The cat eye is an all year round favourite of mine, personally I don't like to leave the house without a little cat flick. I'm not sure if I could be as brave to rock the first flick but the purple one in the middle would be a great night out look. I'd better get practising though.

What are your favourite Fashion Week beauty looks?

Inspiration - Leopard Print Clutch

leopard print clutch, clutch bag, leopard print, pinterest
How amazing are these clutch bags? I've been wanting a leopard print clutch for ages, I figured I'd put some of my DIY skills to use and make one! So first port of call some inspiration. I did my usual and scoured Pinterest for images of leopard print clutches (who knew there were so many variations of leopard spots?) to give me some ideas for the shape of my own clutch. I quite liked the idea of studs and tassel's, although maybe not all together on the same bag hey.

Images scoured from Pinterest 

LFW - The Street Style Edit

london fashion week, lfw, street style, fashion week 2014, london fashion week 14, lfw 2014, ss 14

I'm on a roll and back with another fashion week centred post today we're talking street style. It's funny how there seems to be as much excitement around what people attending the shows and exhibition are wearing as the shows them selves. Well with this in mind here is my edit of my favourite street style looks from the season.

london fashion week, lfw, street style, fashion week 2014, london fashion week 14, lfw 2014, ss 14

I must have missed the memo but blue seems to be the in colour these ladies are going crazy about. I have to admit cobalt blue is one of my favourite hues and I really want that blue coat!

london fashion week, lfw, street style, fashion week 2014, london fashion week 14, lfw 2014, ss 14

Loving the way these ladies are hitting that city girl look spot on. Tailored pieces teamed with a quirky element to add a little fun. Cue the leather trousers, splash of colour, spotty umbrella (fashion week was quite literally a wash out in the weather sense not the fashion!) and lashings of leopard print.

london fashion week, lfw, street style, fashion week 2014, london fashion week 14, lfw 2014, ss 14

Totally loving the idea of quirking up a typically feminine outfit with a pair of trainers, studded bag or even leather! What do you think of the sweatshirt - purrfect isn't it (sorry I could resist that one)? 

london fashion week, lfw, street style, fashion week 2014, london fashion week 14, lfw 2014, ss 14

Some of my favourite style bloggers were out in force and reppin their prints with pride, from florals to checks to oriental they all looked so effortless.

We're half way through my LFW round up, the final instalment will be tomorrow where I'm talking beauty. For those of you that are missing the DIY's fear not I've been a busy beaver so the usual DIY proceedings will resume shortly. I just felt fashion week deserved a special mention.

images from pinterest, vogue and fa sugar

LFW - The Style Edit

I'm having a bit of a double minded moment about London Fashion Week. Every year I'm super exited to see what my favourite designers have to offer up. Yet I'm disappointed that I wasn't there to see it in the flesh. I always make an inner promise to myself "next year I'll go, next year" unfortunately so far this hasn't happened - yet! Anyway my lack of attendance aside I have been keeping track of the collections (all I can say is thank God for the Internet - seriously where would we be without it?) and emerging trends for SS14. I thought I would bring you my person favourites so far.

fashion, style, london fashion week, erdem, osman, antonio berardi, pringle

Classic white is not out of place for spring but it seems this year lots of designers were getting involved. White was everywhere; from lace to cotton, to tulle to jacquard fabrics. Designers like Erdem, Osman, Anotnio Berardi and Pringle to name a few featured white as part of their collections.

fashion, style, london fashion week, holly fullerton, topshop unique, house of holland,burberry

Traditional cuts and shapes being paired with soft textures in a range of bold colours creates a very wearable trend. Special nod to Holly Fullerton, Burberry, Topshop Unique and House of Holland for being front runners with this trend. 

emilia wickstead, preen, alice temperly, mary katrantzou, fashion, style, london fashion week

Strong structured shapes and silhouettes in an array of colours, patterns and fabrics make for a very directional trend taking hints from every decade from the 40's to the 90's. Emilia Wickstead, Preen, Alice Temperly, Perter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou all featured bold and directional shapes in their collection from coats to skirts to dresses.  

fashion, style, london fashion week, mary katranzou euro, felder feller, preen giles, pringle

This season there seemed to be a plethora of prints I especially loved the more graphic styles I would expect nothing less from Mary Katranzou however even brands like Duro, Felder Felder, Preen, Giles and Pringle got on board all with stunning results.

fashion, style, london fashion week, matther williamson, jonathan saunders

It wouldn't be spring without floral's right? I'm convinced theirs a rule book somewhere that mentions this. The big gun of floral (and to be honest boho) Matthew Williamson was out in force along with Johnathan Saunders who had beautiful sheer floral shirts that seemed to strike the balance of feminine and sexy just right. I for one will absolutely be dabbling in this trend come next spring.

fashion, style, london fashion week, burberry
fashion, style, london fashion week, burberry
Before I go can we take a moment to appreciate the pure brilliance that is Christopher Bailey. The Burberry Prorsum show is always hotly anticipated with fashion big wigs taking pride of place on the "frow". It's also one of my favourite shows, last year we were wowed with metallic Jewell toned trench coats this year I was in a daze by the soft feminine lace textures. Anyone else with me and slightly in awe of Burberry this season?

Keep your eyes peeled as this is only the first instalment of my LFW highlights the beauty and street style edits are still to come! 

All images sourced from 

Saying Goodbye

I wasn't sure if I should write this post as it's not the usual sort of thing that I put on the blog. But I guess I felt compelled to say a word or two about an amazing man. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know I lost my dear Granddad recently. The grief and sense of profound loss when a loved one passes away is truly overwhelming. In all honestly I've haven't lost anyone close to me before so it's been pretty hard to say goodbye. 

My Grandpa was the sweetest, gentle, kind man I know, everyone that met him had a kind word to say about him. I guess the phrase that best sums him up is "he was a good man". An all round good man. I miss everything abut him, his laugh, his smile, his sing song accent and gravely voice. The way he would always make me sit next to him and tell him what I was up to. He was such a proud family family and would always be found at the heart of the dinner table. Just don't expect to eat anytime soon if he was saying grace - as it would take a while lol! I guess all I'm trying to say is Granddad I love and miss you so much I know we all have our time to go but I wish this wasn't yours, not now. 

Thank you for being amazing and for everything you did for me and every lesson and principle you instilled in me. You're a true inspiration and I hope I can be even a little bit like you.

Rest In Peace Granddad - I love you always x 

Music Monday ~ Drake Hold On We're Going Home

drake, music monday, hold on we're going home, rnb

Another week, another music Monday post. As I write this post I'm tucked up in bed with an annoying cold, and a hot Ribena for comfort. I was wondering what to write for music Monday this week when it hit me; I should feature Drake Hold On We're Going Home, I mean it's playing in the background as I type.

This track has been another slow burner, I heard it at work last week and wasn't sure, but figured it was worth another go. I know it's not exactly not an original song, there's a definite nod to "take care" but I guess that old chestnut, "if it aint broke then don't fix it" springs to mind. Do I love this track no, do I like it, is it catchy yes!

There doesn't seem to be a video for it yet, but feel free to have a listen.


Inspiration - The Bib Necklace

diy, inspiration, statement necklace, bib necklace,
diy, inspiration, statement necklace, bib necklace,

For most people a bib conjures images of babies covered in food. However on this occasion I'm talking about the the embellished and adorned type. Statement necklaces have been everywhere this summer, I'm really into the idea of mixing textures to create a standout piece. I love that the bib shape can take a very ordinary top our outfit and lift it to a more dressy or interesting piece. Seriously I can not wait to try this one as a DIY!

Images from Pinterest 

Twist It Like A Milk Maid

hair twit, milk maid twist, milk maid braid, black hair, afro hair
hair twit, milk maid twist, milk maid braid, black hair, afro hair, coconut oil
essential tools: hair brush, coconut oil, hair ties, bobby pins & comb 
hair twit, milk maid twist, milk maid braid, black hair, afro hair
hair twit, milk maid twist, milk maid braid, black hair, afro hair
hair twit, milk maid twist, milk maid braid, black hair, afro hair
hair twit, milk maid twist, milk maid braid, black hair, afro hair
hair twit, milk maid twist, milk maid braid, black hair, afro hair

I'm not one for complicated hair styles I wish I could say it was because I don't have the time or cant be bothered. In fact it's more a matter of I don't know how. To compound things I never learnt to cornrow, I have been practising but it's still dreadful. Simple plaits or twists are more my thing. Even though detailed hair do's aren't within my capabilities this milk maid twist "do" is more than doable for me.

  1.  Apply a small amount of product to your hair to help smooth it out and add shine, I'm currently loving Organix Coconut Oil.
  2. Part your hair in the centre
  3. Brush the oil through your hair from root to tip
  4. Separate your hair into 2 large sections - a bit like pig tails
  5. Secure one side with a hair tie
  6. Starting on the side that is not secured, take two small sections at the back and begin twisting your hair working from the back forward towards the front of your head.
  7. Twist your hair right to the tip
  8. Secure in place with a bobby pin - then repeat the process on the other side. 
What do you think, reckon you could give this a go your self?

Music Monday ~ Maverick Sabre

Singer, song writer and and soulful crooner. Maverick Sabre has been been on repeat for me this week. A much shorter music Monday post then usual but I wanted to share what I've been listening to recently. I know he's been a little quiet recently (in the studio coming up with lots of new music I hope) but Maverick Sabre's I Need is a song that for me never gets old, I guess you could say it's an oldie but a goody! 

Dare To Chop?

mid length hair, black women mid length hair, black hair styles, hair
mid length hair, black women mid length hair, black hair styles, hair

I'm facing a dilemma to chop or not? I've been seriously considering ditching the hair extensions and getting my hair cut. I've worn my hair in extensions for around a year now and have really loved it, but us women we get bored easily. I haven't quite decided yet if I'm going to go through with it, as I've actually been growing my hair out. I seem to go through this phase every so often of wanting a new cut then after a few weeks months regretting it and wishing my hair was longer again. I know I can always turn back to extensions but I figured a mid length style would be a good compromise.  These are my current hair icons/inspirations. If I do pluck up the courage for an image change then it will be something a little like this, not quite sure if i have the guts for Ciara's blonde though. What do you think? 

Day - Night Asymmetric

asymmetric skirt, fashion, style, stripes
asymmetric skirt, fashion, style, stripes
day look
Top New Look | Bag Zara | Boots Ebay (similar here) | Skirt DIY

asymmetric skirt, fashion, style, stripes
asymmetric skirt, fashion, style, stripes
asymmetric skirt, fashion, style, stripes
night look
asymmetric skirt, fashion, style, stripes
Top eBay | Necklace New Look | Bag H&M | Shoes eBay
asymmetric skirt, fashion, style, stripes
asymmetric skirt, fashion, style, stripes
A few days ago I showed you how to make an asymmetrical skirt from scratch, well today I'm all about how I like to style said skirt. I love the idea of pieces that can carry you from day to night, with that in mind I though that this month when styling up my outfits I would follow a day to night theme.

Ok so lets start with the day look. I wanted something relaxed and not too sexy. Lets face it this skirt has enough sexy going on all by its self, it really doesn't need any help in that department. I figured I would pair it with a loose off the shoulder jumper and chunky boots. If the weather was a little cooler I would add some back tights, and hey presto you have a perfect brunch outfit. The night time look is all out glamour while still keeping things on top a little covered up. You know what they say it's either legs or boobs, but not everything all at once. I would absolutely wear this for a girly night out on the town, it's definitely not a typical dinner date look. In fact I think it's time I had a little chat with my besties as a night out is well and truly over due!