Music Monday ~ TLC Creep

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Taking it back, way back to 1994. I'd just moved on from wearing my clothes backwards (thanks to Kriss Kross) then TLC hit the scene baring their midriffs while wearing boxers. Their brand of female attitude came with a heavy dose of spice, that I loved. Crazy Sexy Cool was an album that defined a period of time in life for me. While going through those angst filled teenage years, I would spend hours in my room singing along to the cassette player and making up dance routines. I saw a few people on Instagram post pictures of this album a few days ago and it reminded me just how good it was. Waterfalls was obviously the number 1 track of the album, but I always had a soft spot for creep. I think it was those dance moves!

Anyone else remember TLC?

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Instagram Catch Up

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Ice cream on a summer day | refreshing drink | BBQ time
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
Posing with a drink again! | day out with the hubby | matchy, matchy nails 
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
Rocking my best princess Leia hair do | OOTD | selfie
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
Cobalt nails | park life with the hubby | bubbly in the garden 
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
Catching rays | I have a thing for orange food | on a health kick
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
All I can say is yum! | in the garden by candle light | summer bouquet 
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
matching my bag with my food - as you do! | be right back | mojito before noon
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
Chilling by the pool | first Mc D's in years | in love with my new iPhone case
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
Still got that summer holiday glow | trying to keep the pesky insects away | I hate unpacking
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
family BBQ with the hubby | how cool is this print? | love these shoes finally managed to wear them in
instagram, iPhone, instalife, summer
Comfort food and blogging | OOTD | selfie

It's been a while since I've done an Instagram post too long in fact, bad blogger I know! I figured with summer coming to end end I would do a general round up of my summer.

Despite not doing an Instagram catch up for a while I am actually a bit of an Instagram addict, I'm forever staking checking out what people are up to. It would be great to have some new people to follow. Leave your Instagram name in the comment section below, so I can follow not stalk, I assure you there is a difference.

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Back To Work Wish List

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1. H&M/ 2. ASOS/ 3. Beats by Dre/ 4. Zara/ 5. Nelly/ 6. Net-A-Porter

I'm currently having a few days off work, and like the most of the country looking forward to the bank holiday weekend. However all good things must come to end and I'm afraid that includes long weekends. With the back to work blues looming on the horizon, I thought I would do a cheeky wish list post to cheer us up.

Good old faithful H&M. You never fail to supply me with suitably chic and affordable wardrobe staples. This cute little jacket is no exception. I can see you now as a great transition pice for the days when it's not exactly warm, yet not too cold either. Then layering you up under a cosy winter coat when things get really chilly. Pay day is only next week so I'm sure we'll be seeing each other very soon.

Recently I had to say goodbye to my favourite watch, since then I've been on the lookout for a replacement. I'm thinking this ASOS baby could make the cut.

I am an advertising agencies dream put it the telly with a glossy advert and snazzy beat chances are I will want it. I'm fully aware of this issue and takes the necessary steps to address it i.e. telling myself NO! Yet I'm still so tempted by these pink Beats headphones. I've been telling myself that quality headphones are an absolute must for every commuter.

Every season Zara debuts a new "it bag" that balances perfectly on every bloggers arm. Last season it was the city bag, which I freely admit I am guilty of possessing, before that it was the bucket bag. This time I have no idea what the new it bag will be, but what I do know is how much I love this bowling bag. It looks like the perfect size for all my essentials and the non essential receipt hoarding and extra lip glosses that I think will be useful but actually don't need.

When planning this post I was adamant that I needed to include a pair of heels regardless of how impractical they are for the mad dash across the platform to catch a train or standing on the escalators. However during my search for these elusive heels I came across these ankle boots from Nelly. I tried to fight it, I really did it was love at first sight, we were meant to be. Quite literally every cliche jumped out at me and screamed buy me! There is now an internal war going on to buy or not to buy? I know it's a loosing battle I'll probably buy!

I've heard (don't ask me where as I have no idea) every discerning city girl has an iPad. I figured if thats the case you're going to need a slick case to keep said ipad warm. I'm thinking this Marc by Marc Jacobs case is the perfect companion, don't you think?

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Tunisia Photo Diary

I've been back in good old blighty and back at my desk for over a week now, but my longing for the sunshine, the pool, the beach, lazy days and the odd Mojito before lunch, is as strong as ever. Oh well! Those days seem like a distant memory now. I had really grand plans for my holiday, that included many trips to the median for spices, crockery and jewellery, visiting the old town, boat trips and lots of food. Of my list I pretty much only managed to eat lots of food. In my defence I have been to Tunisia before so had seen quite a few of the sights. The real truth of it is that I was more than happy to chill out and relax by the pool or on the beach most days. Very Lazy I know - but I loved every minute of it!

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Happy 1st Blog Birthday & Giveaway

Wow it's hard to believe that my little old blog is a year old already! The sense of anticipation when I hit publish on my first ever blog post is as fresh as ever. It's been an amazing year of blogging the lessons I've learnt, people I've met and tips I've picked up along the way have been incredible.

I still feel so humbled and excited when I read a new comment or see that the blog gained a new follower. I know it's cheesy (and a bit cliche) but it really does make blogging worth it knowing that some one out there is reading and connecting with your words and images.

As a way of saying thank you, to you lovely readers I'm hosting my first ever give away (seems like I have a thing for firsts today!). If I could I would give everyone that takes the time to read my blog a personal little thank you gift but unfortunately my bank balance (and husband) wont allow it. So one lucky person will receive this beautiful ASOS satchel, rose gold necklace and Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle.

Its really simple to enter, by either following the blog on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin using the Rafflecopeter widget below. The give away will be open until Saturday 31st August - good luck!

Once again thank you so much for making my first year of blogging amazing, here's to many more!

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Three Years Today

Three years ago today I had the privilege of saying "I do" to my best friend in the whole world. With it being our anniversary today I thought it would be nice to share a little about our wedding. I remember it like it was yesterday being surrounded by the friendly faces of our nearest and dearest. We decided to divert from the usual tradition and headed to Santorini for a destination wedding. The conventional weddings we had been to just didn't seem to suit us. We both knew we wanted sunshine, a few close family members, friends and a chilled out atmosphere.

We arrived in Santorini with so many expectations and a few nerves (to say the least). We hadn't actually visited the island before and had no idea what the venues were like in real life, having only seen them in pictures. After a quick shower and dumping our bags we were met by representatives of our wedding planners who took us on a whistle stop tour of our wedding venues. Once we laid eyes on the venues all our concerns quickly fell away.

We had a day or two to relax with friends and family amidst the final wedding preparations, before we knew it the big day was here. It was so surreal how laid back and relaxed we both felt. The cold feet I'd heard so much about were pretty warm (and that had nothing to do with the fact that it was the warmest day of the year). I spent the morning relaxing on beach with my family where we dined on the freshest sea food we've ever had in our lives. With full bellies the ladies and I retired to my hotel room to get dolled up. This was one of my favourite part of the day, ever the control freak I opted to do my own wedding day makeup and hair. With the help of my sister, mum and best friend I managed to get glammed up. Once my makeup was done it was time to start on my lovely ladies. It was so sweet and felt like a girly sleep over, with us all getting pampered and preened.
with my mama

Unlike most brides I was early, ready and waiting. With patience not being my strong point there may have been a bridezilla moment, of me demanding everyone hurry up. When the cars arrived to pick us up I was the first one out the door and waiting in the car. When we arrived at the ceremony I couldn't help but get overwhelmed by my emotions, the momentousness of the day finally hit me. I was about to commit to marrying my best friend, and I couldn't have been happier. So as I said patience isn't my strong point, I was so eager to get down the aisle that I skipped ran ahead of my dad!  

The ceremony and reception went by in such a blur it's hard to remember it all exactly, what I do remember though is an overwhelming feeling of joy. I took a moment to look around and take in the day, seeing all the smiling faces of our loved ones who had taken the time to celebrate with us and share in our big day.
a few details from the reception 
This year to celebrate we're spending a week in Tunisia to congratulate ourselves on sticking with each other for three years. 
So here's to many more.