Music Monday ~ Plan b Love Goes Down

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I guess Plan B (aka Benjamin Ballance - Drew) is what we would describe as a triple threat; singer, actor and rapper. Plan B started out as an rapper featuring on the now renowned SBTV Brain Child of Jamal Edwards. His debut album Who Needs Action When You Got Word achieved critical acclaim, this was followed with his soul album Defamation Of Stickland Banks which reached the top of the charts. Not content with dominating the music charts he when onto try his hand at acting in Adulthood and then directing Ill Manners.

Recently my go to track has been Love Goes Down, it's so mellow and silky that I cant help but feel chilled. The distinct Motown feel of  Love Goes Down takes you back to a by gone era of music, with real instruments and heart.  Even though Love Goes Down doesn't feature his rap skills, I love that Plan B has the ability to switch between crooning and a tongue twisting rap - keeping listeners on their toes.

What's your favourite Plan B track?


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