DIY Inspiration ~ Beaded Neckline

balmain, balmain beaded top, beading, embroidery

beaded top, beaded neckline, beading embroidery

Another quick DIY inspiration for you. I've been wanting to do a project for a while now that involved sequins or beading. For now the sequin one will have to wait as today we are taking beading. Beading can take a very average item to the next level. As usual I've been scouring Pinterst and the net for inspiration. I especially love the detail on the Balmain piece in the top image. Now my beading skills aren't quite there yet so I'll be looking to do something a little more straight forward.

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  1. Beading is so pretty, I want to do a DIY too, it's getting round to it though! How gorgeous is the white too at the top corner of your collage!



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