Music Monday ~ Plan b Love Goes Down

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I guess Plan B (aka Benjamin Ballance - Drew) is what we would describe as a triple threat; singer, actor and rapper. Plan B started out as an rapper featuring on the now renowned SBTV Brain Child of Jamal Edwards. His debut album Who Needs Action When You Got Word achieved critical acclaim, this was followed with his soul album Defamation Of Stickland Banks which reached the top of the charts. Not content with dominating the music charts he when onto try his hand at acting in Adulthood and then directing Ill Manners.

Recently my go to track has been Love Goes Down, it's so mellow and silky that I cant help but feel chilled. The distinct Motown feel of  Love Goes Down takes you back to a by gone era of music, with real instruments and heart.  Even though Love Goes Down doesn't feature his rap skills, I love that Plan B has the ability to switch between crooning and a tongue twisting rap - keeping listeners on their toes.

What's your favourite Plan B track?


Everyday Makeup Look

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When it comes to everyday makeup I'm all about speed and low maintenance. Always wanting to make the most of duvet time, I've allotted myself 15 min in the morning to get my hair and makeup done. As any self respecting London commuter knows missing the morning train is a big no, no. With this mind I've managed to get my everyday makeup routine down to the bare basics.

Today I'm dipping my blogger feet into the world of makeup youtube videos again to share with you my everyday makeup look. Hope you enjoy the video.

You can find me on Youtube here.

DIY Inspiration ~ Beaded Neckline

balmain, balmain beaded top, beading, embroidery

beaded top, beaded neckline, beading embroidery

Another quick DIY inspiration for you. I've been wanting to do a project for a while now that involved sequins or beading. For now the sequin one will have to wait as today we are taking beading. Beading can take a very average item to the next level. As usual I've been scouring Pinterst and the net for inspiration. I especially love the detail on the Balmain piece in the top image. Now my beading skills aren't quite there yet so I'll be looking to do something a little more straight forward.

New Look Wish List

new look, wish list, fashion, style

new look, wish list, fashion, style
I've been loving New Look recently the affordable price point and a wide selection of items make New Look a high street favourite of mine! I thought it would be fun to put together an evening and a daytime look from New Look items. For the evening look I started with the shorts, I couldn't resist the laser cut leather and scalloped hem. I then built the rest of the outfit around the shorts keeping to a pretty monochrome pallet but adding a pop of colour with the heels (more on the heels later). I feel like this look would be great for a girly night out.

Next up is the daytime look. The starting point was the jacket, a classic leather biker (I see a little trend here with all the leather) is a fail safe item, that can be dressed up or in this case down with ease. Even though the jacket was the starting point, the bag was really the item that brought it all together for me, there's just something about neon paired with grey that I love. The T-shirt style and jersey fabric of the dress teamed with the trainers gives the look a sporty feel. This look would be perfect for a day running errands when you want a level of comfort without compromising on the style front.

I've been eyeing up the red heels especially, I even made a trip to my local store to try them on, thinking of making these babies my pay day treat what do you think?

Music Monday ~ Mariah Carey Featuring Miguel Beautiful

Music Monday, Mariah Carey Featuring Miguel Beautiful

Sorry this post is late guys. Strictly speaking it's not Monday, it's Tuesday in fact but I felt "Music Tuesday" just didn't have the same ring to it!

I'm not the biggest Mariah fan, there's no denying her incredible voice Mariah's vocal talents put most modern day songstresses to shame, it's just that I rarely feel inspire by her music. I think shows like the XFactor and Britain's Got Talent are to blame, the insist on carting out Mariah ballad's for every other emotional scene, frankly its jarring.

Ok so rant over the reason we're here today is not actually to moan but to chat about Mariah's new track beautiful featuring Miguel (yes the guy that fly kicked a fan while jumping across the stage, then sat on her head at an awards ceremony). Beautiful ticks all they typical Mariah boxes high notes, harmonies and a catchy bridge. I feel like having a male vocalist on the track adds a new diminution. I surprised myself when I first heard Beautiful as my instant reaction was "oh play that again I like it" and so I did several times, hence why I thought Beautiful was worthy of a Music Monday mention.

That's enough from me, have a listen and let me know what you think!