Music Monday ~ Yuna

yuna, singer
yuna, singer

I could listen to Yuna all day, in fact I have been for past few days! I came across her music by accident (a very happy accident indeed), while browsing Youtube I spotted her video I Wanna Know two lines in and I was hooked. I Wanna Know struck me as the perfect sound track to an easy summer day.

Born and raised in Malaysia Yuna has a strong following in the far east, this on the up songstress was catapulted to further notoriety when she was spotted by Indie-Pop Management. Soon after a record deal with Fader label and the release of her debut US EP Decorate followed. That was in 2011, since then this lady has gone from strength to strength, with her debut self titled album features production from Pharrell released last year. The thing I love most about her is the laid back effortless feel of her music. Yuna's voice is so melodic that I couldn't  help but allow it to carry me away.

I've been a bit greedy and featured two tracks (I just couldn't decide on just one)  her cover of Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You" and Live Your Life.

Also can I just say this girls seriously knows how to rock a head wrap!

So what do you think?

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  1. she reminds me of erika badu, very chilled and relaxed.


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