Music Monday ~ Robin Thicke Blurred Lines

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It's been so long since I did a "Music Monday" post there are two reasons for that i) I didn't feel inspired or like there was a particular song or artist that I was especially loving enough ii) as mentioned in yesterdays post work has been crazy and I had very little time to blog. That said Music Monday is back with a serious jam.

Today I'm talking about Blurred Lines by crooner Robin Thicke featuring rapper TI & Pharrell (boy gets around doesn't he?). I've been a Robin Thicke fan for some time ever since I heard "Lost Without You" way back in my uni days, since then his music has stuck with me. The funk and r&b collaboration made me want to dance. The beat was just begging me to bust a groove it started with tapping my fingers, which quickly spread up my arms to a full blown shoulder shimmy, before I knew it I was swaying my hips. I have to admit I did get several sideways glances on my morning tube journey!

I was in two minds about featuring the original video for this as it pretty raunchy. In the end the good girl in me won out and I've gone for the more modest version performed on The Graham Norton (how cool are Hayden Panettiere's dance moves by the way?). If you've not seen it already and want to know what all the fuss is about, the original version is here.

Ok so tell me what you think?

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  1. i'm in love with this tune, got it blaring on my car radio like a boy racer!
    i know what you mean about inspiration though, i do a 'weekly' music post and sometimes I'm lacking in some :)


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