Music Monday ~ Musiq Teach Me

musiq soulchild, musiq, teach me, teach me how to love you
Until last week my morning commute to work was spent listening to the radio in the car, however since starting the new job I've been listening to music from my iTunes library. Its an absolute must to have some music to keep you sane while rushing for the train and being crammed in like sardines on the tube.

This week my soundtrack has come courtesy of Musiq (previously known as Musiq SoulChild) his silky neo soul vibes have been a God send this week, and help make my hectic morning commute bearable. In particular I've really loved listening to "Teach Me". The song really struck a cord with me, listening to the lyrics it reminded me of myself several years ago. When I first started dating my husband I wanted to be a good girl friend to him but was pretty closed off emotionally. Lets just say I needed a bit of schooling. Anyway years down the line and I've had a rediscovery of this track and completely fell in love with it all over again. The honest and humble lyrics are so endearing.

Music Monday has got rather mushy this week, so I'm going to leave it there. If you've never heard of Musiq I hope this has been a good introduction, check out his VEVO and website.


  1. Not heard of this guy, will need to check him out. My car died couple a weeks ago so in the same on trains listening to songs I forgot about :)


    1. Yes you should definitely check him out. It's takes some adjusting going from your own car to public transport!


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