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I felt inspired to write this post, because if I'm honest I've been really disorganised and chaotic of late. I know it's weird to say but life seems to have got in the way - of well life recently. It's surprising how caught up I've been rushing around doing a million things but never actually getting anything done. I decided I had to put a stop to it and get productive. I figured seeing as I'd been doing a little self discovery in the area of getting organised I've share a few tips with you. 

1. Set a goal
It's so easy to make a list of "to do's" and never actually get through any of them. I've found when I don't have a definite goal in mind for what I want to achieve I'm less motivated. So for example this weekend my goal has been to get three blog posts done and dusted, as well as all the washing and ironing sorted for the week.  

2. Lists, lists, lists
It's sad I know, but I'm such a fan of making lists. There's a real satisfaction in ticking things off and knowing that you've got stuff done. I like to divide my list making into two general parts a "blog to do" and a "life to do". I find doing this helps me to keep a balance so I'm not over loading myself in any particular area.  

3. Time
Give your self an achievable time scale to complete things. I've discovered things usually take longer to get done than I first anticipate, I always seem to under estimate how long things will take. So I've come to the conclusion that I generally need to start with a time frame and then double it. That way if I get it done quickly I'm extra happy.  

4. Prioritise
As I just said I love a good list. It's one thing to make a list of things to do it's another perfecting the art of prioritising the order in which they need to be done. I guess its different strokes for different folks but I tend to do the most urgent and pressing things first e.g. getting to the bank before it closes. Sometimes if I find things particularly overwhelming I'll do the most difficult things first and save the easiest or most fun stuff for last, as a bit of a treat.  

5. Let Technology Help You Out 
That saying "there's an app for that" springs to mind right about now. These days there is literally an app for everything. I recently downloaded Wonder List and it's been amazing at helping me get organised on the go. Another little tip I've found is to use reminders on my phone's calendar for when important dates are coming up and when I need to do things. There are tons of apps out there I would recommend browsing the app store to see what works for you. 

6. Don't beat your self up 
If you're anything like me and have an off day and flop on the organising front, you probably start to beat your self up. I've come to realise this is the most counter productive thing I can do. I get so stuck in a rut of being cross with myself for not having stuff together that nothing actually gets done. The best thing for me when I miss the mark is to tell myself that life goes on, just dust your self off and try to do better next time. 

I hope these little tips have been helpful and maybe motivate you with getting better organised. I would love to hear your organisation tips and tricks! Have a great day x 


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