Change Is Good

Sorry to say it but my little blog has been seriously neglected this week. I thought a little update and catch up was due. It's been a crazy week I left my job, saw Beyonce in concert, got food poisoning and started a new job. Wow that's a lot to happen in seven days!

As some of you may know I worked for a women's charity and last Friday was my final day in the job. I loved working there but felt ready for a change. Leaving came around so quickly I hardly had time to get my head around it. I was pretty pleased with myself at the way I managed to hold it all together. That was until the last moment, when a few girls came to say goodbye and started crying, that was it the flood gates were open. I felt so sad to be moving on.

Fast forward a few days and after cracking out my Music Monday post I was on a train into London to see the unstoppable force that is Beyonce. I'm not going to talk about it too much now as I did a little filming of the festivities and a full post will be up in a few days. What I will say however is that the woman is a machine (in the good sense), I guess the word phenomenal best describes her stage presence.

Towards the end of the concert I started to feel ill and on the way home, what I now know to be a very dodgy pizza from Pizza Express came back to haunt me quite literally all over the taxi! That had to be one of the most embracing moments of my life I couldn't help but apologise to the taxi driver and offer to pay the valeting costs. I spent the next few days laid up in bed. I've never had food poisoning before so foolishly expected it to go once the pizza was out of my system. Trouble is two days later I still wasn't felling great but was due to start my new job on Thursday.

Thursday came around and thankfully I felt well enough to go to work armed with paracetamol a bottle of water and a note pad. It was really weird walking into a new office and feeling like the "newbie" again. Strange how the first day at school feeling is there regardless how old you are? So I was given the obligatory office tour and introduction to a whirlwind of faces who's names I cannot remember. The last few days have been spent in training sessions absorbing a ridiculous amount of information and completing an obscene amount of icebreakers and team building tasks. It seems there were lots of us in the same newbie boat. I was pretty surprised when I walked into the training room to find around 20 people mirroring my own expectant expression.

I had a moment to myself on Thursday, my mind couldn't help but drift back to the people I met in my last job and I started to really miss them. I was finding it hard to let go and I realised that as much as I needed and wanted a change it's not always easy to handle when it finally shows up. If our lives never evolve and we are not exposed to new things and ways of thinking we will eventually become stagnant. It actually took a mini pep talk to myself, in my head to get back into the right frame of mind. I had to remind myself of why I wanted this change and why it was so desperately needed in my life. I also had to remind myself that the people we miss are the ones who have touched our lives, and will stay with us. I guess what I'm trying to say in my own convoluted way is be brave, step outside your comfort zone and embrace change. I did and feel better for it. 

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