Music Monday ~ SWV

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Today I'm taking it back, way back to the days of double denim, high tops, pigtails and RnB girl groups. I was a huge fan (still am) of SWV, growing up they were the girl group I admired. The denim shorts, leggings and hair were so glamorous. I spent many an afternoon with my childhood best friend Tal, in front of the mirror armed with our mothers earrings, red lipstick, and hair brushes copying the dance routines. 

As I was writing this post I took a look back at some old SWV videos and couldn't help but notice their styling is pretty similar Rihanna. It was really hard to pick one SWV track as my absolute favourite, so I didn't here are a few of my top SWV songs.

Any one else remember SWV? Whats your favourite SWV song?  

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  1. I looooooved SWV! Brings back so many memories. Thier harmonies were always on point. This was when being able to sing meant something in the music industry. Weak has got to be my favourite SWV song. x


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