Sweet Corn Fritters

sweet corn fritters recipe
sweet corn fritters recipe
sweet corn fritters recipe

I've been an avid follower of The Londoner blog by Rosie for some time now. Rosie manages to get the perfect balance of lifestyle fashion and food. I have no idea how she stays so slim when she's constantly cooking up sinfully yummy delights. A few weeks ago I came across her sweet corn fritters recipe here perfect for fuelling you up for a busy Saturday of running errands, shopping and queueing (don't we Brits just love to queue) The recipe was super easy to follow and even better to eat, I went with Rose's tip of maple syrup and hot sauce. All I can say is wow!!

My pictures really don't do it justice, as like I said we had a busy day and I was in a rush so a quick iPhone snap was all I had time for.

Seriously you have to give these a try there unbelievably yummy!

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