Music Monday ~ Teedra Moses

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Saturday night the Mr and I, along with a couple friends went to see Teedra Moses at The Jazz Cafe. I've been so excited about her gig for months so when the day came nothing could dampen my spirits. Not even the fact that the train station was closed so I had to battle through central London traffic in the car, that's right nothing.

Having missed her last London gig and heard rave reviews, I had high hopes for Teedra, and boy I wasn't disappointed. I loved the atmosphere, everyone was just interested in having a good time and enjoying the music.

She kicked off the show, walking down the stairs in a long white Grecian style gown with killer heels and a faux fur shawl draped over her shoulder, sipping a glass of cognac. All the hall marks of a diva, trust me it was brilliant! She then belted out a remixed cover of Soul ll Soul Back To Life to get the crowd going. Teedra was supported by the most incredible band, special mention to the drummer and guy on the guitar - they killed it! It was great to hear all of my favourite Teedra songs live, she has a great voice and is event better live than on track, as you get the full force of her personality and vocals.

Any way enough of my rambling I managed to film a bit on my iPhone and have edited together a few snippets of my favourite bits. By the way Teedra fans the lady will be back in London next year and will be releasing some new material some time soon.

I hope you enjoy!


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