Music Monday ~ Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience

20/20 experience, justin timberlake
20/20 experience, justin timberlake
Last month I spoke about my utter excitement that Justin Timberlake was back with new music (read the blog post here). I was impressed with his first offering Suit and Tie, from the new album The 20/20 Experience. I mentioned in the post that while I liked Suit And Tie I didn't absolutely love it. That said I still wanted to hear the full album. As of a few weeks ago the wait was over and this highly anticipated album was released.

I don't know about you, but I certainly welcomed Mr JT back from his 7 year music hiatus. I had very high hopes for The 20/20 Experience. My thoughts were going back to his amazing debut album Justified and his second offering FutureSex/LoveSounds. I couldn't help but wonder if this offering would be on par.

Track number one Pusher Love Girl lays the foundation for what this album is all about, Justin's take on a neo soul project. As soon as I heard it, it took me back to D'angelo and Maxwell with a touch of new school Miguel. For me the stand out track of the album is Mirrors. I can freely admit that I had it on repeat for a whole afternoon - ok more like a day.

There are the pretty standard 10 tracks on the album and nice digital booklet (when you download from iTunes). Where 20/20 offers value for money is in the extended versions of Pusher Love Girl, Mirrors and Strawberry Bubblegum with all tracks touching 8 minutes. With a number of tracks on the album lasting around 7 minutes there are moments when 20/20 ever so slightly over stays its welcome.

One thing I liked most about this album was the brave journey JT takes you on. Its clear he's not willing to play it safe and give listeners bubble gum pop. Instead you have touches of afro centric beats in Hold The Wall, Latin inspired horns on Let The Groove Get In and strings on Strawberry Bubblegum. Don't even get me started on the break down bit at the end of Mirrors, his vocals are stunning in this section, that falsetto gives me chills.

Justin takes executive producer credit on this album, which is a serious nod to his growth and journey as a recording artist. The 20/20 Experience also features Timberlake's long time friend and colab partner Timberland, as well as J-Roc and of course Jay-Z.

As far as I'm conceded The 20/20 Experience shows some of the new kids of the block what real music is about (yes I'm talking about the little pretender Justin Bieber!). Enough of my thoughts on it what about yours, it's over to you guys - let me know what you think.


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  1. ah I couldn't agree more, LOVE this album!
    strawberry bubblegum and blue ocean have got to be my faves!
    I do love Justin Bieber too though aha


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