Magnifibers Brush On Lashes

magnifibers brush on lashes, brush on lashes, magnifibers
I've been using magnifiers Brush on Lashes for a little while and though it was about time I shared my thoughts with you. I wanted to try something different today and do a video review.
I was a little nervous about this at first but it was actually easier to just talk about a product rather than writing about it. I'm thinking of making it more of a regular occurrence and dropping more video review into the blog let me know what you think.

Music Monday ~ Beyonce Super Bowl 2013

beyonce, super bowl
beyonce,super bowl

In case you've been living under a rock it was the Super bowl yesterday, queen Bey had the honer of strutting her stuff in the half time show. Now I'm not going to even pretend to be the least bit interested in American football or who won. I was only ever interested in the half time performance. After a few weeks of controversy surrounding her performance at the inauguration Beyonce served her haters a plate of "ha ha in yo face!" My favourite part of the show stopping performance was when Kelly and Michelle joined her on stage, I couldn't help but reminisce back to the DC days.

For all the die hard Beyonce fans the lady herself will be kicking off the UK leg of her world tour in Birmingham on 26th April. The tour will then move to London on 29th April through to the 3rd May, so who's going?

Heard it through the great Vine

vine, vine app, apps, social networking, social network, vine social network

As if there aren't enough social networks and online commitments already, new kid on the block Vine is vying for our attention. Vine is a bit like Instagram and Twitter rolled into one mega social networking monster. The vital difference with Vine is that you can make 6 second loop videos. Simply decide what you want to record place your finger on the screen for a few seconds, then film something else. You do this until your 6 second quota is all filled up.

Vine is relatively new but I'm hoping that as time goes on it will continue to develop. It would be great if it eventually had filters (a bit like Instagram) and an option to add text to your footage, so you can personalise your Vines further.

If your not on Vine then you should definitely check it out, I've seen some really creative and funny Vines.....seriously the mind boggles!

So if you're on Vine let me know in the comment section I would love to follow you guys. I'm over there as ReneeMade in case you wanted to have a nosy.