January Instalife

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Sparkly nails | I "heart" this ring | OOTD | Hubby showing his ninja socks
instagram, iPhone, ipad
Blogging | Serious multitasking sewing, watching Youtube & blogging simultaneously | Yummy treat | Parking ticket - not such a great day
instagram, iPhone, ipad
Really like this nail combo - nude & sparkles | Smoothie for breakfast | check me out with my fur hat | Solange live at XOYO
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The man in the chip shop drew a heart with ketchup-he was trying to chat me up | lazy day makeup | all wrapped up | snow & cosy feet 
instagram, iPhone, ipad
My road looks so pretty | date night drinks | It was a Ruby Woo kinda day | Best meal of the year (so far) at Mango Tree

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1 comment:

  1. I love your sparkly nails :)


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