Casual Batwing

Batwing top made by myself | Velvet treggings TopShop | Blazer (christmas gift) | creepers eBay | Bag New Look (old) | Necklace (old bought it on holiday in the Dominican) 

Ok so confession time I'm rubbish in heels, really clumsy and spill things on myself all the time. I'm the kind of girl that needs to be comfortable especially when I've got a busy day of running errands and stuff to do. I made this top a little while ago and forgot about it, well technically it got lost in the black whole that is my wardrobe (but that's a tale for another time). As I'm going to be out the house doing boring mundane bits all day I wanted something comfy warm but still a bit stylish. Finding this top was super lucky. I decided to team it with my new blazer my friend got me for Christmas (thank you Camise) and my trusty creepers. 


  1. nice pictures. i like your outfit. are you from london?

    dont forget to stop by my blog

  2. Thanks glad you like the outfit. Yep I'm a London gal all the way!

  3. LOVE your style :) xx

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog & for you kind comment have a great day xx


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