Herringbone Mini Skirt made by myself | Jumper £29.99 H&M | Boots Primark

I found this fabric on ebay and had no idea what I would do with it but knew I had to have it. In the end I though I'd try it out as a little mini skirt. This was super easy to whip up it only took me an hour or so, from cutting the fabric to sewing it on the machine.

I gave it its debut on the weekend. I went Christmas shopping with the Mr to Westfield. We had a really nice day, It was exciting choosing presents for our family and friends hoping we got things they would like.

While at Westfield I couldn't resist browsing in the Mac store - its the beauty blogger in me! I was quite impressed though, I managed to spend a day shopping in Westfield and only buy one thing for myself, talk about self control.

So how's everyone's Christmas shopping coming along?


  1. Oooh love the purple jumper! Will have to keep a lookout next time I'm in H&M!

    Efia @


  2. great DIY! i have the same jumper...with the mad cold weather we've been having in London lately, this jumper has been a great comfort!!

    1. Hi thanks for you comment and stopping by. Tell me about it I was wearing the jumper yesterday kept me nice & warm. Thanks the skirt was so easy to make! xx


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