Christmas Gift Guide

I think it's fair to say the festive season is well and truly upon us. I'm into Christmas in a big way and love everything about it; putting up the tree, spending time with my family, catching up with old friends, the food and drink and general festivities of the season.

I love to give presents but I have to admit the process of shopping for gifts can get a little tedious - actually more like stressful. I have spent many a Christmas eve frantically hitting the shops, laden with bags wearing a heavy coat and sweating buckets every time I entered a store (thanks to the heavy coat) from the cold out doors.

So before I venture outside into the madness of Christmas shoppers, I've done a little research and thought I would share a few of my picks with you all.


1/ 2  34/ 56

123/ 456 

Thought I would get ahead of myself this year, so I'm hitting Westfield today hoping to blitz the gift shopping for my loved ones - wish me luck!

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