Bare Face Challenge

I've said it so many times before but I really do have a thing for makeup and beauty. I get a real thrill when it comes to trying out a new product. My morning routine of getting ready and putting on a full face of makeup (or war paint as my husbands calls it) helps to set me up for the day. I feel so much more confident and ready to face the world with my face on.

I've seen lots of bloggers do the "why I wear makeup" tag recently and it got me thinking about my own motivations. It genuinely boils down to the fact that I like the stuff and feel more confident when wearing it. However this gave me a slight chilling feeling, am I being too superficial? (rich I know coming from a fashion & beauty blogger) And is it positive for my confidence to be linked to how much slap I have on?

With these questions buzzing in my mind I thought it would be a good idea to go a whole week (by week I mean 5 days) with no makeup on. As soon I decided on the challenge I had a horrible nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I've only been to work without makeup, on a few very rare occasions. When it's happened I've been asked if I'm unwell, when I've replied no I'm feeling fine. They've responded with oh but you look so pale and you have bags under your eye's. Charming I know! As you can imagine with these comments ringing in my ears I was feeling a little apprehensive. Strangely this motivated me, I didn't like the thought of being controlled by makeup or it getting the better of me. So here we go.......

Day 1: Monday today, the day I was dreading how was I meant to go to work without any makeup? Thankfully no meetings were planned so I didn't have to face anyone new. I'm a little disappointed to say I caved right at the beginning and wore concealer, in my defence the dark circles under my eyes really are that bad.

Day 2: So it's Tuesday and I didn't feel as self conscious when I left the house, but I am missing my liquid eye liner. I had to wear some Vaseline today the cold weather has made my lips chapped and sore. I've decided this is OK as it's more medicine than makeup.

Day 3: Wednesday already cant believe how quickly the week has gone. I Decided to switch to Carmex as I needed something a bit stronger, chapped lips is not a good look. I have to say it's a lot quicker and simpler to get ready in the morning without having to fuss about with various products

Day 4: Thursday today, I'm dying to wear some lipstick, bold bright red lipstick to be precise. Why do we always want what we can't have? Anyway I'm still sticking to the concealer and Carmex look. There was a really awkward moment when my manager asked me if I was sick or tired? When I responded no I'm fine she mentioned I had bags and dark circles under my eyes.  Oh another embracing moment came when one of the girls I work with told me I looked weird, her friend then piped up "she's not wearing any makeup that's why". I really shouldn't take it so personally but I did cringe. Come to think of it today really hasn't been the best of days.

Day 5: Friday and the final day of my challenge, I have mixed emotions about this. Relief as I can now return to my beloved beauty products, disappointment that my bare faced week hasn't had more of an impact.  I've got into the swing of the no makeup thing, and starting to think of making it a more permanent fixture. I reckon I could do one or two no/minimal makeup days a week very once in a while.

Now that my bare faced week is over I'm wondering why I was feeling so anxious at the start. It really wasn't so hard in the end, to let go of the foundation and mascara for a more simplified approach. In terms of confidence I honestly cant say It's massively changed me. That said I freely admit that I was probably wearing too much makeup and could do without half of it. Will I though? I doubt it, like I said at the beginning I've got a thing for beauty and makeup and I genuinely enjoy it so why deprive myself of something I like. 

Anyone else like me before the challenge, and not sure if you could go 5 days without makeup?

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  1. Well done for doing it, there's no way I could!x


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