Liebster Award

I have some good news to share with you guys. This little blog of mine has been nominated not once but TWICE!! For the Liebster Award! (apologies for the over use of exclamation marks but I'm really excited).

I was nominated by Eliza K's Klozet and Pretty Luscious Things. Thank you so much ladies I'm feeling really honoured that you thought of me.

I have to admit I hadn't heard of the Liebster award until I was nominated - shameful I know. So for those of you who may still be in the dark, here's the run down.

Liebster is the German word for dearest, other translations mean favourite or beloved. The award is given from one blogger to another, and is a way of saying "dearest blogger" or "favourite blogger". To be nominated for the award you must be a blogger with under 200 followers.

How does the Liebster award work, you may be asking? Well, when you are nominated you need to give 11 random facts about yourself. You are also set 11 questions to answer by the person that nominated you. You then need to nominate 11 other bloggers and set your own 11 questions for them to answer. You also have to notify your nominee's, that could be a Tweet, Facebook message or comment on their blog.

So onto the random facts

  1. My favourite number is 10, as a child I couldn't wait to hit double figures and it's stuck with me since then
  2. I'm scared of dogs but like the idea of owning a Cocker Spaniel 
  3. I don't have a favourite colour 
  4. I could eat rum & raisin ice cream all day
  5. I wear odd socks almost all the time
  6. My ironing skills are awful
  7. I cry really easily and at the silliest things
  8. I don't think I could go a day without using some sort of lip balm or gloss
  9. My phone is constantly by my side
  10. There's a 10 year age gap between me and my sister
  11. I was born in Guyana  

I was nominated twice and wanted to answer all the questions so this bit may take a while - so please bare with me.

My questions from Miss Pretty Luscious Things

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as I'd really got into reading blogs and thought "this is something I could do" I also like the odd bit of fashion DIY and thought it would be nice to add some of that into the mix.

2. Whats the biggest misconception people have about your blog or blogging?
The biggest misconception people have about my blog is probably that my name is Renee, it's actually my middle name. First name being Janine. In terms of blogging in general I think people may see it as quite solitary (which it can be) but I have found a great community out there, that are kind and supportive.

3. What would you like to see more or less of on blog?
Less typical outfit posts (I get bored with them), by that I mean loads of outfit pictures and nothing else. I love fashion and outfit posts that have a funny or interesting story to go with them, so more of that please.

4. Favourite cringe worthy band/film you are too embraced to tell people you like?
I don't really have anything I like that I'm ashamed of but I like the film Little Women and I know some people think it's cheesy.

5. Who is your ideal man/woman and why?
That's an easy one, it would have to be my hubby

6. Where are you based?

7. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?
Somewhere hot with lots of beaches maybe Barbados.

8. What makeup look or hairstyle is your go to style?
Nude lips and winged eyes

9. Who is your style Icon?
I have two Audrey Hepburn and Solange Knowles

10. Shoes or handbags

11. Favourite quote or saying?
Again I have two "feel the fear and do it anyway" and "What ever is meant for you will not pass you by"

My questions from Eliza K's Klozet

1. Which magazine most inspires you?
Since I got into blogging I don't read as many magazines but I love Elle, Glamour is a close second

2. If you could choose one super power what would it be?
I'm torn between flight and invisibility!

3. Chocolate or Crisps?
Crisps all the way, more specifically sea salt and balsamic vinegar Kettle Chips

4. Summer or Winter?
I love the summer - don't think I was built for the cold

5. Have you ever been travelling, if so where was your favourite place?
I actually have two Santorini because it's where I got married and the Maldives because it's so tranquil and relaxing.

6. If you could write for a company who would it be for?
I don't have a specific company in mind but like the idea of writing for a magazine with a nice mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

7.What's your job?
I have a great job and work with some of the nicest people ever (I say that honestly hand on heart). I work in the youth department of a women's charity. It doesn't feel like work most days!

8. 3 words that describe you?
Calm (on the surface at least), out going, easily irritated - sorry that wasn't 3 words. 

9. I mentioned a phobia whats yours?
Dogs, I'm scared of dogs - all I'm going to say is there was an incident involving a Dalmatian, a relay race and a cricket match. It didn't end well!

10. Favourite smell?

11. How are you feeling right now?
Cheeky - I have the giggles writing this!

Ok so that's it all my questions done!

Now onto my nominees for the award (please do show some love and check these blogs out they are amazing):
Oh Sew Fashion
Cherry Lips Cocoa Hips
My Little Rays of Sunshine
AC Makeup Lover
Bang On Style Blog
Dela Rose Dreams
Fi's Beauty Box
From the Corners of the Curve
Je M'Apparel
Life According to the Intern
Style Bean

Here are the 11 questions my nominees will need to answer
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. What is the reason behind your blog name?
3. What 's your favourite food?
4.Where would you like your blog to be in 2years time?
5. What is your pet hate?
6. Is there a beauty product you can't live without?
7. Vintage or high street?
8. Where in the world would you like to visit?
9. Who is your style icon?
10. Which do you prefer reading magazines or blogs?
11. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Finally a quick round up of what to do

  • Reveal 11 Random things about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions I have set
  • Create your own 11 questions
  • Nominate 11 blogs with under 200 followers
  • Tag your nominees in your post and notify them
  • No tagging back! (i.e. if I have tagged / nominated you, you can't tag/nominate me back) 


  1. Your job sounds great - really rewarding! Go you!


  2. Thank you so much for nominating me!! XD

  3. thank you for nominating me!


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