Five Favourites ~ If Music Be The Food...

..... of love then play on

I've been a little radio silent this week as work has been super hectic. Too many early mornings and late nights, have meant that my little blog has taken a back seat. Things have settled down now so I thought I would take some time to update you on a few things that have got me through the week. It's mainly been music and foodie treats. 

I have the day off from work today and am heading to Rye for a family wedding, I love weddings. 
Woohoo road trip! 

My lovely hubby fixed me a bowl of fruit to start the day

It's the Mr's Bday this week and he's requested Coconut Cake - I've been looking for recipes

A very kind colleague gave me love hearts 

Inspiration for the outfit I want to wear to the wedding

This album got me home through the rush hour


  1. Great post, the cake looks really nice. Did you find a recipe?


  2. I can so use that fruit bowl right now.

    Looks like your week was pretty sweet. ;]



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