YSL Le Teint Touch Eclat Foundation

YSL Touch Eclat Foundation

Thought I'd include a picture of me wearing the foundation
(I'm wearing shade no 7)

I am a huge fan of the Touch Eclat highlighting concealer. It's been a staple in my makeup bag for years. So imagine the sheer joy when I heard that YSL were going to release a foundation version.

The Touch Eclat foundation boasts an impressive 22 shades, there's surely one for everyone in there. The texture of the foundation is a relatively thick liquid based that spreads and blends really well. It offers good coverage without completely masking the skin. One of the best things about this foundation, for me is that it provides quality coverage but still feels light and weightless.

I had a good old natter with the lady on the counter about her love life. In between her boyfriend drama's she did tell me, that unlike other YSL foundations a soft focus gel is used instead of an opaque powder. She also mentioned that opaque powders tend to be used in foundations, but can mask the skin and cause discolouration in darker skin tones. The liquid gold in the formula (this is the part that really had me sold) gives your skin a really luminous quality, that brightens up your complexion.

I've genuinely been trying to find fault with it but so far there aren't any. If your after the Touch Eclat foundation it's in shops now and retails at £28.00.


  1. Your skin looks beautiful, I wish I could afford this stuff!!

    Jo xo

    1. Thanks hun. It's definitely worth the money, christmas is on the way you could put it on your wish list. x


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