Music Monday ~ Beyonce Jay-Z Forever Young

Love the dainty lace top teamed with the edgy leather skirt (Coachella 2010)

So cute 

I'm a HUGE Beyonce fan. Not the crazy stalker kind mind you, but I think she's pretty amazing. To be fair what's not to like? She's got talent, grace, style and brains.

After Xfactor on Saturday night I was browsing YouTube and came across this video of Beyonce and Jay-Z at Coachella 2010 performing "Forever Young". I'd never actually seen the footage before but thought it was so cute.

I've seen Beyonce and Jay-Z team up in performances before (who can forget the 2003 Crazy In Love VMA performance). Now we all know Bey is an amazing artist, who knows how to pull a killer performance out the bag. There was something natural about this duet, I guess it was the lack of dancers and costumes. I really loved the way her vocals and bond with hubby Jay-Z took centre stage. It was really sweet to see the connection between them. Nosey folk, like me were thinking I bet their like that at home always singing/rapping together (oh dear! That's sounding like a crazy stalker).

What Do you think of their performance?



  1. I love Beyonce, doesn't she just look gorgeous no matter what she wears?! this is a great post and her and jay z look so cute on stage! i have massive style envy, this lady is just gorgeous and she's just the best! :) nice post and you have a great blog :) xxxxx

  2. Hi Gemma! I know Beyonce is kinda amazing. Hope she does uk concerts again so I can see her live. Thanks for your lovely comments on the blog, it's still early days but I'm loving it! xx

    1. Hiyaaa! aww i know she's such an inspirational woman, i have a lot of loving for her! oh my gosh yeah me too, she promotes girl power so much, i'm like "you go girl" haha! awww :) glad you're enjoying it, mines early day's too but it gives me something to do + it's something i enjoy so it's all good!xxxx


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