MUA ~ Undressed Eye Shadow Palette

MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette RRP£4.00 currently on offer for £3.00


I've never used an MUA palette before but my mum is a fan, so I  thought I would give it a try. I'm quite reserved when it comes to eye shadows. You see, I have a deep rooted fear of looking like a clown, so I tend to steer clear of any thing that's not brown. But that's gotten boring, so this is my first step (albeit a baby step) into being bolder with eye shadows.

The MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette has a lovely mix of nude and metallic colours. The thing I love most about this palette is that it can take you from day to night with ease. It's also well pigmented so lasts through out the day and gives a true colour effect.

MUA products have a great price point, so much easier on the pocket than a lot of other brands.

Can you recommend any other MUA products I could try?


  1. I love it :) got the one in heaven and earth and really liking it too :)

    1. Oooh I may have to give the heaven & earth a try. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting xx

  2. Helllooooo! Just pooping by to say a massive huge thank you for the lovely and kind follow on my little blog, hope you are well and having a lovely week so far. I am off for a little nosey around your little blog too xxxx

    1. Hi your blog's great really enjoyed reading. Thanks for stopping by - don't be a stranger xx


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