Music Monday ~ Losing You Solange Knowles

I've been um-ing and ah-ing about whether to blog about Sloange's new release "Losing You". As I've already dedicated a post to her amazing style. I decided to go with it in the end as this song has been going around my head for weeks. I've been listening to it every chance I can. At home, in the car and at work. There's been a few moments at work of stopping what we're doing and busting a little move.

I love the in your face electro beat that runs through this song. The intro is brilliant I couldn't wait to hear her vocals drop. Losing You is the lead track of off Solange's third (and up coming) album True, which is scheduled for release next year. Rumour has it that Pharell Williams will feature in some capacity.

The video - please can we take a few moments to discuss it awesomeness. It was filmed in South Africa and directed by Melina Matsoukas who also directed Rihanna's "We Found Love". I was so excited when I saw the styling; bold, bright and vibrant is how I would describe it. The video has a great feeling to it. Instead of complicated choreography it's just Solange doing goofy dance moves, chilling and having fun with her uber stylish friends.

So what do you guys think?

Winter Warmers ~ The Accessories Edit

Fur Snood ASOS | Knitted Scarf Dorothy Perkins | Snood Dorothy Perkins | Black & White Snood Gap | Fur Collar H&M | Pink Scarf H&M

Turban ASOS | Fedora NEXT | Cap Monki | Fur Hat Monki | Grey hat H&M | Pink beanie H&M 

Muffler ASOS | Snake Glove Oasis | Leather Spot Glove Mango | Stop Go Glove ASOS | Mustard Glove Forever21 | Herringbone Glove Forever21  

Accessories can make or break an outfit. That's why for me it's important to get them right. I thought I would dedicate this week's winter warmers to the little extras. This week we're talking hats, scarfs and gloves.

As a child I hated wearing hats or scarfs and would always lose my gloves. My mum would quite literally have to pin them to me, to keep me from losing them. Thankfully some things have changed, I now love to wear a warm hat or cosy scarf. However I'm still working on not losing my gloves!

Winter Warmers ~The Coat Edit

Black Check Boucle Collarless Jacket £34.99 Black Houndstooth Jacket £49.99 Black & White Patchwork Jacket £64.99

Burgundy Fur Collar Jacket £39.99 Fake Fur Jacket £69.99 Green Double Breasted Coat £69.99

Lace Trim White Jacket £85 Paisley Peplum Jacket £39 Textured Fur Collar Coat £85

I have a really naughty habit of buying a new coat every year. Despite the fact, that I know I don't need one, I always find myself pining after a new winter coat.

For me there are a few key elements to the perfect coat. Obviously it needs to keep me nice and warm. It MUST look stylish, and finally it needs to have enough room to wear a thick jumper or layers underneath.

I wanted to pay special mention to this bad boy. It's from Zara, and a bit of a splurge at £119, but it is a beauty! What do you think?

So what are your thoughts on my picks from the high street?

L'Occitane Shower Oil & Exfoliator

I'm a relatively new L'Occitane convert. My introduction to L'Occitane was by using the Shower Oil. The fist thing that attracted me to this product was the smell, I loved the warm rich Almond tones. I expected it to be really slippery and slick, but I was pleasantly surprised. When the oil mixes with water it gently lathers up. I've been using a small amount every day, it's been great, I feel like I'm having a mini spa treatment. Very luxurious, especially after a long day.

After loving the shower oil so much I wanted to give the body scrub a try. Now I have to say I'm very particular about exfoliators. I want them to be moisturising, nourishing and gentle but not so gentle that it doesn't buff my skin. The Almond Paste body scrub is a great accompaniment to the shower oil, as their from the same range. I'm pleased to say that it lived up to my expectations. My skin felt nicely moisturised and super soft. Similarly to the shower oil, the exfoliator picks up on the delicate almond scents. For me L'Occitane have really got the balance between moisture and buffing just right.

I just wanted to pay special mention to the staff at the Westfield shop. A few weeks ago I popped into the Westfield store with the Mr. The staff were amazing, they were so helpful and attentive. We were even offered a cup of tea and a drink of water. Based on the service I experienced it's safe to say, they have gained a returning customer out of me.

Music Monday ~ Ed Sheeran

I'm quite excited about this Music Monday post, as I went to see Ed Sheeran in concert last week. If you follow me on Instagram (@renee_made) then you would have already seen a few of my pics.

I was a little un-prepared for the concert. I went with Lee, his brother and his brothers wife. Lee had told me the concert was on Wednesday. As you can imagine I was a little surprised when I got a call from him at around mid day to say the concert was in-fact that day (last Monday) and I needed to be in Hammersmith by 7pm. Cue me looking at myself and feeling inappropriately dressed. I guess there isn't really a dress code, I was just being fussy, as I hate feeling unprepared. Once the initial surprise and outfit panic passed the excitement set in woohoo Ed Sheeran.

I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the type of people at the concert. It was fairly split between screaming teenage girls, new era cap wearing boys, cool geeky types and old folks like me. As I was coming straight from work I missed the warm up acts so can't really comment on them. Ed took to the stage at around 9pm and kicked things off with "give me love". It was great the way he got the audience involved through out the night, giving everyone cues when to join in and what to sing.

I was so amazed that he did not use a backing track or backing vocals. There was just Ed on stage with his guitar, mic and loop pedal. This guy is seriously talented. It was incredible to watch him build the track using his vocals either singing, humming or beat boxing. He would then strum or tap the guitar, all the while using the loop pedal to record the sound and build the track.

The thing that surprised me the most was that I wasn't bored. There was no high energy dance routine, no costumes, minimal production in terms of lighting and staging. Sure it was energetic and engaging but overall the performance was pure. It felt like it was all about the music. Unlike a lot of artists today Ed can actually sing, (he's not a bad rapper either) so really doesn't need all the hype.

As I didn't know I was going until last minute I didn't have my camera with me and my phone battery was low. That said I did mange to record few snippets. Hope you like.

PS sorry this blog post is up a bit late I had trouble posting it yesterday x.

MUA ~ Undressed Eye Shadow Palette

MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette RRP£4.00 currently on offer for £3.00


I've never used an MUA palette before but my mum is a fan, so I  thought I would give it a try. I'm quite reserved when it comes to eye shadows. You see, I have a deep rooted fear of looking like a clown, so I tend to steer clear of any thing that's not brown. But that's gotten boring, so this is my first step (albeit a baby step) into being bolder with eye shadows.

The MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette has a lovely mix of nude and metallic colours. The thing I love most about this palette is that it can take you from day to night with ease. It's also well pigmented so lasts through out the day and gives a true colour effect.

MUA products have a great price point, so much easier on the pocket than a lot of other brands.

Can you recommend any other MUA products I could try?

Did a Little Shopping

Floral shirt & Mac from Zara, L'Occitane goodies, Nail Varnishes from Beauty Base

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I took  a little trip to Westfield. There was no way I was going to Westfield without indulging, but I was quite good and didn't get loads of stuff. I've been meaning to upload a few pics of what I bought for a couple weeks now. Better late then never I say.

Music Monday ~ Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding's new Album Halcyon is out now 

I can't remember what day it was, but what I do remember, is that it was pouring with rain and I was stuck in the worst traffic. I was doing the usual of flicking through the radio stations, to see if anything interesting could help pass the time. Nothing was really grabbing my attention. That was until I caught the high pitched "oohh's" of Ellie Goulding's Anything Could Happen. That was it I was hooked. It was pointless to try and fight it, I couldn't help but sing along. 

My favourite line from the song is "after the war we said we'd fight together, I guess we thought that's what humans do". I love how catchy and infectious this song is. The cool electro sound had my head bobbing and fingers tapping.

What do you think of the video? It made my want to cry a little. 

Instagram Snapshots #2

Wagamama's, drinks with friends, My new Mac, Swatching

Blogging, Healthy lunch, Nice nails, Flowers from my hubby

Blog post, Pizza Express, Glass of Red, ManFlu-this really exists?

Winter Warmers ~ The Jumper Edit

Dorothy Perkins


Top Shop

With Autumn (or Fall as our friends across the pond say) well and truly under way. I thought I would do a little series called "Winter Warmers" (not very imaginative but I like it). This week I'm all about jumpers.  

The best thing about winter, for me is layering up and getting cosy in a nice warm jumper. I know it sounds really granny-ish to say this but I look forward to wearing comfy jumper - yep thats right, I said it judge me!

The other day I was having a chat with my mum, about the fact that I couldn't find any jumpers I liked on the high street. This got me thinking there must be some nice bits out there, I just haven't found them. To be fair I was only looking in Primark and H&M. It was time broaden my search and challenge myself to find some stylish jumpers. 

So this is my selection of some my favourite knits on the high street. What do you think? 

YSL Le Teint Touch Eclat Foundation

YSL Touch Eclat Foundation

Thought I'd include a picture of me wearing the foundation
(I'm wearing shade no 7)

I am a huge fan of the Touch Eclat highlighting concealer. It's been a staple in my makeup bag for years. So imagine the sheer joy when I heard that YSL were going to release a foundation version.

The Touch Eclat foundation boasts an impressive 22 shades, there's surely one for everyone in there. The texture of the foundation is a relatively thick liquid based that spreads and blends really well. It offers good coverage without completely masking the skin. One of the best things about this foundation, for me is that it provides quality coverage but still feels light and weightless.

I had a good old natter with the lady on the counter about her love life. In between her boyfriend drama's she did tell me, that unlike other YSL foundations a soft focus gel is used instead of an opaque powder. She also mentioned that opaque powders tend to be used in foundations, but can mask the skin and cause discolouration in darker skin tones. The liquid gold in the formula (this is the part that really had me sold) gives your skin a really luminous quality, that brightens up your complexion.

I've genuinely been trying to find fault with it but so far there aren't any. If your after the Touch Eclat foundation it's in shops now and retails at £28.00.

DIY Inspiration ~ The Clutch

Camouflage print Clutch

Leopard Print Clutch

Sequinned Clutch

I had a clear out of my handbags recently and realised that I tend to buy either black or brown-a bit boring I know.

This got me thinking, maybe I could make a bag. I'm going to work my way up to a full hand bag, but thought a clutch would be a good place to start.

These are some of the bags that have been inspiring me lately.

Music Monday ~ Alicia Keys Girl On Fire

A slightly different Music Monday post today but I hope you like it.

Girl On Fire is the title track from Alicia Keys up and coming album. I have to confess I've not heard many songs from her new album. That said, seeing as it's Alicia Keys I have a feeling she will deliver.

Really like the behind the scene video clips of the making of her new album, a great way to bring the listener in. 

I've been singing "This girls is on fire" for a few weeks now. It's such a catchy infectious song I couldn't help it. 

When I Grow Up I'm Going To Be Cat Woman

Cat woman T-shirt - ASOS * Skirt - Made by myself * Necklace - Primark

Zara Trench - a little present from the Mr

POW - I'm a super hero!



There's a funny story behind this skirt. Ok it's not really funny and not much of story. I had bough a similar one several months ago from H&M and the Mr shrunk it in the wash. Suffice to say I was not amused. But the key to a good marriage is not to hold a grudge, so all is now forgiven. That said I was still left without a lace skirt.

That was until I came across this lace fabric. I had one of those hallelujah moments and knew all was not lost, so I whipped up this little number. It's not an exact replica of the original but it's good enough (and a lot cheaper).

I quite liked the idea of teaming it with a casual T-shirt. This Cat Woman T from ASOS is one of my favourites.

Ok guys, so what do you think?

Stripes & Pleats

Cardigan Primark * Stripe T-shirt made by myself * Pleated skirt Primark * Creepers Ebay

Really liked the slight curved detail on the hem

I had such a great weekend (did a little post about it here). I didn't really do anything extra special. It was just nice to spend time with the Mr.

On Saturday we drove over to Westfield White City, for a bit of retail therapy and a spot of light mooching (not sure if it's acceptable to mooch at our age).

This is what I wore. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test drive this stripy T I made (you may remember I did a little sneak peak of it here).

The fabric is super soft and comfy in my books a prerequisite for any T-Shirt. I wanted to go for something a bit different so tried out this slightly curved hem.

I really like this skirt from Primark, looking forward to styling it up in different ways. I think it could work casual like this, or dressed up with heels.

What do you think?