Work Wear Wish List

1. Zara jacquard trousers £39.99 * 2. HM leggings £24.99

3. Urban Outfitters top £30.00 * 4. Mango shirt £34.99 * 5. Zara trench coat £69.99 

6. Oasis faux leather skirt £42.00 * 7. River Island utility dress £30.00 * 8. Top Shop wrap front skirt 

9. Top Shop Adonis boots  £75.00 * 10. Forever 21 ring set £3.90 * 11. Jeffery Campbell studded loafer from Office £105.00* 12. ASOS doctors bag £35.00

I've got the back to work blues! I've had two glorious weeks of doing not very much. Unfortunately that's about to come to end. Monday morning I'll be back in the office and back to the grind, there will be no more rolling out of bed at mid day- oh shame on me! It's not that I don't love my job (I've had some rubbish ones in the past and this one is dream in comparison) quite the opposite in fact. It's just that I've loved doing nothing, that wee bit more.

Any way enough of my self indulgent grumbling, lets talk about the important stuff - the fashion! I put together a little back to work wish list. I don't have a suited and booted office but I do spend half my day dealing with over excited girls. I need to be practical (on occasion), comfortable and of course a bit stylish.

So what do you think of my work wear wish list, do you have one and what's your office style?

PS I'm heading out for my birthday surprise tonight. I'm so excited to see what the husband has organised. I've got a pretty busy weekend planned but I'll try to blog about it tomorrow.

Have a great weekend x  

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